Girls Shoes My Daughter Would Love

My little girl Caitlin (6) has an amazing personality. She is both very girly but also a tomboy too. She loves to climb trees, get dirty making mud pies and play rough and tumble with her brothers. But she also likes to pretend she is a princess, plays with her ponies and dolls and loves all things pink. She loves going clothes shopping and having girly nights with me, where she will paint her nails and put my make up and she will give me a makeover. I on the other hand, was a proper tomboy when I was her age. I hated pink and hated going clothes shopping with my mum and sister. I was my idea of hell. But as I got older, I started to like more girly things. And now I like a bit of both, just like my Caitlin. My favourite colour is still black, but I do like pink now as well. I love going shopping with Caitlin, not so much for myself, but buying things for her. She would buy every dress she saw if I let her. So today, I thought I would put together some shoes that she would love to own. And as you can see, there is aright mixture. Pretty girly sandals with pink flowers to trainers that are perfect for climbing in, and don’t forget the wellies to jump in muddy puddles.


little girls shoes my daughter would love



Girls Turquoise Diamanté Jelly Sandals – £10 from River Island

Multi Corsage Wedge Sandals – £22 from Monsoon

Converse CTAS Loopholes Casual Trainers – £19 from Jones Bookmaker

Flower T-bar Pumps – £16 from NEXT

Disney frozen Canvas Shoes – £9 from M&Co.

Pink Demi Corsage Sandals – £7 from Peacocks

Pink Glitter Velcro Canvas Shoes – £8 from Peacocks

Sketchers Twinkle Toes Play Date Trainers – £37 from House of Fraser

Pink Leopard Havaianas – £12 from Office

Vans Kids Nintendo Shoes – £32 from Vans

Ecru/Pink Stripe Wellington Boots – £17 from NEXT

Hogan Kids Rebel Hi-top Sneakers – £59.77 from Farfetch

Tan Buckle Ankle Boot – £22 from M&Co.

Mary Jane Character Trainers – £14 from NEXT


So there you go. My little princess would all of these shoes. But which are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.


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