I love receiving my degustabox and this month was the BBQ box! So if you you are planning on having a BBQ as soon as the rain stops, then there are some great products in this months box to try out.


June's BBQ Degustabox


You can see me unboxing the June’s BBQ Degustabox and finding out what’s inside in the video below :



And here are all the items and what I thought of each one.


degustabox - june - smooze


Smooze Fruit Ice

These come in a pack of 5 and are coconut and mango flavour. I was expecting these to be like an ice lolly, but these are better than that, in my opinion. These are more like a frozen smoothie. They are just so delicious and refreshing! Caitlin, my 6 year old tried one, but only ate half of it then declared she didn’t like it as it was ‘too coco-nutty’. I don’t like plain raw or dried coconut but I do like coconut milk and this is made from fresh pressed coconut milk. These are perfect for summer.

My overall rating – 



degustabox - june - popcorn


Butterkist Yogurt Coated Popcorn

OMG!! This is the best popcorn I have ever tasted! I just love it. My kids liked it too but prefer other ones, so that means more for me! What more can I say! I will definitely buying these next time we have a movie night, now my favourite!

My overall rating plus more!


degustabox - june - zeo


Zeo – Cloudy lemon

Another fab product!! Really love the taste of this,not overly lemon, just right and really refreshing. It is made with 98% spring water and only has 28 calories per 250ml serving. The only downside is that the bottle may look big, but it’s on 750ml, so you only get 3 portions from it. Bit pricey too, it’s about £2.60. love the taste, but would only buy it as a treat.

My overall rating 


degustabox - june - waffle crisp

degustabox - june - waflles 2


Waffle Crisps

These are butter biscuit waffle crisp and they taste quite nice. These are the kind of thing I would have with a bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce. But I am not too keen on them by themselves. My husband is a big fan of these and ate most of them. He has asked me to buy him some more next time I go shopping.

My overall rating 


degustabox - june - lager


King Star Crafted Lager

I don’t like lager at all, so my husband gave this one a try. He likes his lager and normal goes for ones like Becks, Fosters or Calsberg. He said he has never heard of the brand before and was surprised at it’s alcohol content. It’s 5.6% which is a lot more than the ones he normally drinks. He said he wasn’t over keen on this one, tasted too strong for him. But if you like your stronger lagers than you may like this one.

My overall rating – 



degustabox - june - onions


Haywood Medium & Tangy Silverskin Onions

I haven’t had a pickled onion in ages, so was glad to see this in the box. We all had a salad for tea last week and we added some of these too it. You can see a photo of my salad on instagram. They were really nice and tangy just the way I like them. Would by this brand again.

My overall rating – 


degustabox - june - brownie

degustabox - june - brownie in mug 1


Bakedin Mug Brownie Mix

I was really excited to try this one out as it sounded so nice!! All you do is pour into a mug and some milk and butter, whizz in the microwave for a few seconds, then hey presto, a brownie in a mug! This was really nice, but I was a little disappointing that it only filled half the mug when cooked, and for £1.50 a bit pricey just for one portion. Would be better if it was a large tub and you just add a few scoops to your mug.

My overall rating – 


degustabox - june - coconut milk


Amoy Coconut Milk

I haven’t open this yet, as I am going to make myself a nice veg korma soon. But I have bought this product a few times now and it’s great. I always use it to make my homemade curry’s with, as I don’t like mine too spicy but love creamy ones.

My overall rating –


degustabox - june - noodles


Miracle Noodles – Angel Hair

These are really thin pasta noodles and are suitable for vegans and only have 6 cals in for 100g. So the whole pack has just 12 cals! Great if your trying to watch your weight. These are in a water that need draining off, and I was really put of by the smell, as it smelt like fish. I don’t eat fish as I am a vegetarian. I had to re-check the packed a few times to make sure there was no fish in them. But it does say on the packet that they will have a strange smell as it comes from the plant they are made from. But once they were made up and I added my other bit’s and bobs to them, the smell went away. They just taste like noodles, only I felt a lot better eating them knowing that I was only having 12 calories. These are also gluten free, so another bonus!

My overall rating


degustabox - june - pesto


Sacla Pesto Pots

These are 4 little individual posts of classic basil pesto. I haven’t tried these yet, as I know most pesto is made using a cheese that isn’t suitable for vegetarians and I am still trying to work out if this is ok for me to eat, as it doesn’t say much on the packaging. If your not a veggie, then these are a quite and easy way to have some dinner. Just make up some pasta (or miracle noodles) then stir in one of the pots.

My overall rating 


degustabox - june - spicy tomoato


Branston Spicy Tomato Relish

Love, love, love this!! This is just so nice. really thick and just the right amount of spice. This would taste absolutely lovely on your burgers. I normally buy the sweet version of this, but now I have tasted this, I” be buying this one from now on.

My overall rating – 



degustabox - june - burger mix


Swartz Burger Mix

I haven’t tried this one yet. This is suitable for vegetarians but not sure it would work well with Quorn mince as there’s not enough fat in it to stick it altogether. My hubby said he his going to buy some real mince and give these ago and make some up when we have a BBQ. Just waiting on the nice weather now.

My overall rating – 


degustabox - june's BBQ BOX


Have you tried any of these products yet? Which one do you like the sound of the most? Let me know in the comments


And if you would like to give one of these yummy degustaboxes a try then you can get a whooping £7.00 off your first box.

Just go to Degustabox.com.en and quote code : BLDEG15


I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine





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8 comments on “June’s BBQ Degustabox Review”

  1. I loved the yogurt covered popcorn as well! I used the coconut milk in a sweet potato and pea curry which was nice. The pesto pot went into a pasta feta salad. My family and
    I enjoyed everything else as well.

  2. This looks really amazing, I’ve never heard of this before but it seems like great value and you can try new things! Looks great, I especially love that you got coconut milk with it!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. The pickled onions and the relish are very popular in this house. Well, popular with me 😉 I have to say, I’ve never heard of the yoghurt coated popcorn before and think the kids may really like it. They’d cover everything in yoghurt if they could!

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