Attainable Healthy Cooking for the Beginner Cook


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Let’s face it: not everyone likes to cook. While some see cooking as a creative process and gain a sense of fulfillment after whipping up a dish, others see the cooking as cruel and unusual punishment. For people with a fear of cooking, making a meal from scratch makes them worried and overwhelmed. So what do they do? They avoid cooking as best they can by eating out at restaurants, getting fast food, or buying premade meals. But eventually, this lifestyle not only eats up the household budget but also adds to the waistline.

How did this fear of cooking develop? Probably because you’ve seen all those cooking shows where the chef makes elaborate meals that seem to require several hours to prep and cook. You begin to think that cooking takes so much technique and skill that you don’t have time to learn. And even if you’ve tried to put aside this fear, you’ve probably retreated into your shell after you spent your time overanalyzing every step in the cooking process—did I cut the onions too small? Did I cut bell peppers too big? Should I turn the flame up on the gas stove? Should I keep checking if it’s cooked?

See, no wonder why you were paralyzed with fear before you began. It’s time to put away the fears of cooking from scratch so you can start gaining control of your eating habits. Simply put, cooking can help make you more mindful of what you eat. It helps you be aware of what foods you’re putting in your body, and this awareness helps you to gain more control over your diet. Here are some ideas to help you overcome your fear of cooking, which will help get you on track with healthy eating.

Change Your Attitude

Take down your fear of cooking by changing your perception: if you can read, you can certainly cook. Cooking is essentially following a recipe. Each step is a block building up to a meal. Breaking down the barriers into simple steps is one way to change the negative perception of cooking. Another aspect of changing your attitude is overcoming the idea of perfection. Are you worried that your spouse or

children will be annoyed if your meal comes out tasting horrible? Sometimes your first meal will taste horrible—you may put it in the oven too long, or you probably forgot to apply the right cooking technique. However, remember that imperfection is part of the process. Depending on the day, you may hit a homerun or strike out, but either way, keep going. Trust that through the process, and you’ll get better.

Select the Right Recipe for Your Skill Level

However, don’t overwhelm yourself that you should start with a recipe to knock the socks off at family dinner. In other words, don’t start with a recipe meant to impress other people—start at your current level. Being conscious of your skill level, and utilizing them is the first step to being a more mindful eater.

As a beginner cook who is selecting your first recipe to make a meal from scratch, make sure to pick a recipe that doesn’t require exotic ingredients. Select a recipe that requires common ingredients found in your kitchen cabinets or ingredients that you can find in one trip to your local grocery store.

Watch Web Videos of Recipes

If you’re on social media, you have surely come across a short web video of a recipe. They are often less than a minute long. These short movie clips seem to make cooking less intimidating. The hampton creek youtube channel, for example, presents meals step-by-step in quick, one-minute video. Not only do the videos present recipes as easy to make, but also tasty to eat. The videos can help to break out of the mind-set that healthy eating is limited to salads or raw vegetables. Plus, the step-by-step visualization helps to make to keep those fears of cooking at bay. If you’re one of those people who is constantly wondering “does this look right?”, then just take a look at a recipe video clip to make sure you’re on track.

Make a Meal With a Friend

Cooking with a friend can help you go through the steps and overcome the fear that cooking has to be complicated. You’ll be able to see how to organize and mix in ingredients alongside a supportive friend.

Cooking from scratch greatly helps with mindful eating, an important factor in choosing foods that are good for your health.



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8 comments on “Attainable Healthy Cooking for the Beginner Cook”

  1. This is great to read
    I’ve been loosing patience with my brother and his cooking skills or more to the point-he says he can’t cook
    Going to use some of these techniques and see how we go
    Never really understood why people say they can’t cook !!

  2. I agree that changing your attitude is key, you have to see healthy eating as a positive not a negative, and enjoy it rather than constantly want to give up, the healthier alternatives can still be good!

  3. Great tips. I really don’t understand how people say they can’t cook or don’t have time, there’s recipes out there for any skill level and these days so many people are bringing out quick recipes.

  4. Well I can cook but do find it hard to find the time. As I work and am trying to fit in a 40 min run every day for exercise, run the kids around to and from school & after school activities, & everything else… it is just so easy to put on fish finger & chips or whatever. Like the sound of this attainable recipe book.

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