Yellow Moon Sand Art + More

We really love receiving our Yellow Moon goodies. This time we got some great items. In our box was :

  • Pastel Coloured Sand- 6 pk – £9.99
  • Seaside Sand Art Pictures – pk 8 – £2.96
  • Teddy bear Sand Art Bottles – pk 5 – £2.99
  • Cat Foam Stickers – pk 120 – £2.99
  • Pull Back racing Snails – pk 4 – £2.49
  • Touchable Bubble Wands – pk 8 – £2.49
  • Patterned Rubbing Plates – pk 4 – £3.99
  • Crayola Was Crayons -pk 24 – £1.99
  • Dog Cushion Sewing Kits – pk 2 -£3.99


yellowmoon - april 1


The first thing the kids wanted to try out where the racing snails and the touchable bubbles. We had a lot of run with the snails. You just wind them up and let the go. The kids kept winning at this, I think I must have had a slow snail or something.

The touchable bubble wands are great and perfect for party bags. They come in a set of 8 and in 4 different colours. and these really work! We were able to catch the bubbles in our hands without them bursting. The kids loved these are was so amazed by them.


yellowmoon - april 2

yellowmoon - april 3


The kids could do these rubbing plates by themselves.  They have patterns on both sides, so you have a total of 8 different patterns. Just place a white sheet of paper over them and rub over a wax crayon.


cheap bridal veil

yellowmoon - may 2


I waited until we had some time to spend together doing the sand art, as if I let the kids to their own devices there would be coloured sand all through my house.


yellow moon sand picture 4


You can see Caitlin showing you how to do the sand art bears in this video below :


And these are mine and her finished bears. They look a bit different to them on the video has Cailtin has been trying to shake them up.


yellow moon teddy bears


I did one of the sand pictures first by myself and let the kids doing them after, as I knew they would make a right mess with these. This is my finished Sand art picture of some flip flops on a beach. What do you think?


yellow moon sand picture 3

yellow moon sand picture 1


We haven’t got round to doing the dog cushions yet, as both Caitlin and Aaron get frustrated when the try to do sewing. So I think I might save these and let them try and do them in a few months.

I really liked doing the sand art picture and found it very relaxing. The kids loved doing them too, but be prepared for a lot of mess. Will be buyig the touchable bubbles again, the kids went mad for these!

Which item did you like the best? Do you have any of these activities?


I received the above items as part of the Yellow Moon Blogger programme. All opinions are mine

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