My Spring/Summer Kids Primark Haul

I recently shared on youtube some of the kids clothes I bought on my resent trip to Primark. I really love Primark, they have some really nice items and at great prices. You can see my video below



And here are some photo’s of the items I bought.


kids primark clothes 1


I just love this blue spotty dress, it cost £8 and it’s one of my favs. And to match the dress I bought these lovely spotty blue shoes with pink flowers and they were only £4. The hat and matching bag are £3 each.


kids primark clothes 2


The yellow and green jeans were £4.50 each and both have an adjustable waist, which is a must for Caitlin. And she chose a cute little t-shirt to go with them and that was only £1.40.


kids primark clothes 3


The pink distressed jeans where one of the dearer items I bought. They were £8.00 but hopefully these should last a while. Caitlin chose the Frozen leggings. I don’t like the material of these, it’s like viscose, that clingy material and they were £4.50. Which i think are expensive compared to the other items I have bought. Caitlin picked this Frozen swimming costume for £7.00. There was a lovely spotty butterfly one which was cheaper, but she wanted this one.


kids primark clothes 4


The bright pink and white striped dress is perfect for summer and at just £2.50 you can stock up on these has they have quite a few other designs to choose from. And the striped playsuit was just £4. Cant go wrong with that.


kids primark clothes 5


Plain white t-shirt was just £1.40 and I bought it to go with these gorgeous floral dungarees. I am in love with these and think they are just perfect. They cost £8.00 and I just love the brown sandals, they are my favourite and they look great together. They cost £6.


kids primark clothes 6


Caitlin chose the frozen knickers, as she is Frozen mad. These were £3.50 for a pack of 5. The pink glitter sparkly slip on shoes are another item Caitlin chose herself. They were £3. She has been wearing this to play in outside and are starting to get wrecked already. But you can’t really complain for the price.


kids primark clothes 7


I love this little outfit for Aaron. The grey and navy t-shirt was just £2.50 and the red/burgundy marl cotton shorts were £3.00  . These are just pull on but have a draw cord waist that can tighten them up if I need to. And the little grey slip on shoes are perfect for wearing on the beach and are priced at £2.50 and fitted him perfectly.


kids primark clothes 8


The red shorts are lovely and were £5. They have an adjustable waist which I love. I choose 2 t-shirts to go with these. A lovely blue star print one and a white and navy striped one. These were both just £2.50 each.


kids primark clothes 9


The gorgeous grey hoody was £7 and it has a kangaroo pocket on the front. Aaron loves his Ninja Turtles T-shirt and has been wearing it a lot. But I don’t like him playing in it in the park as grass stains will never come out of white and I can’t put this t-shirt on a hot wash as the motif will wear away. This was  £4.


kids primark clothes 10


My pack of 5 socks are lovely with hearts and stripes on them and cost £2.30. I love my shorts that I got they are really comfy and soft material. They were just £4. I really love the print of the elephant top and it’s really lightweight material so great for wearing on hot days. This was just £4 too. I also got myself a pair of black legging which cost only £3. I always buy my leggings from Primark. I have bought more expensive ones before but they just last as long as the cheap ones, so I just stick to buying these.


So what was your favourite outfit or item? Let me know in the comments below


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