Dragon Sleeping Bag Review

We have never been camping with the kids but we are hoping to do it this summer. Both my eldest kids already have sleeping bags but my youngest, Aaron, 5, hasn’t got one. Well, he didn’t until I was asked if I would like to review one of the new fun character sleeping bags from Vango. They have 2 new designs, a dragon and a panda. I choose the dragon for my son.

It comes in its own bag with handle and straps for using has a rucksack with a dragon face on the front. The back of the sleeping back has a big red detachable tail, which my son loved. It’s two different shades of green with red lining, and it’s thick and warm. It has a hood with a dragons face and teeth on it. There is a zip down the side and where the shoulders are so your child can un-zip them and get their arms out. The sleeping bag also has a zip around the middle, so you can completely detach the bottom half of the bag, so your kids can run around and have fun, while still wearing their sleeping bag. This is great if you are out camping and they need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. They don’t even have to get out of their bag, so will still be arm.


sleeping bag 15

sleeping bag 14

sleeping bag 13

sleeping bag 12

sleeping bag 11

sleeping bag 9

sleeping bag 8

sleeping bag 7

sleeping bag 6


Here’s a few photo of Aaron enjoying and posing in his new dragon sleeping bag.


sleeping bag 5

sleeping bag 4

sleeping bag 3

sleeping bag 2


The dragon sleeping bag is priced at £47.50, I think that is not a bad price at all. The quality of this sleeping bag is great. Aaron is very happy with it and now all 3 of my kids have sleeping bags, I just to get some for me and my husband and also get a tent. Then fingers crossed we can go on our first family camping trip this summer.



Family Fever


I received the sleeping bag in return for this post. All opinions are mine



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