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From the moment you give birth to your baby they become your number one priority in life, and you will do anything you can to protect them. But often even the simplest things around the home can be a danger to babies. The most important thing that you should have in your house, whether you have a baby or not, is a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm. Smoke kills, not the fire and if you are asleep it can take as little as just three breaths of smoke to kill you. And carbon monoxide is a silent killer. You can’t see, smell or taste it so its really important that you have one of these too. And when you put your baby to sleep in it’s cot or moses basket make sure that the bumper cords are tied out of reach and there is nothing in their cot that they could choke on. Also if you have a mobile over the cot, make sure it is secure, and fastened correctly as it may fall onto the baby.


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Toddlers are into everything

Now as soon as your baby is crawling and moving about, that’s when you have to really make sure everything is out of reach. No candles or hot drinks where they can grab. Lose wires ties securely, plug socket covers, no blind cords, get furniture covers for the hard corners, locks for cupboards, door stoppers. The list is endless. You can find more tips on this baby proofing tool

My three kids have banged their heads on table corners, tried to put their fingers in the plug sockets, trapped fingers in the door, fell over toys that have been left on the floor, tried to eat my wash tablets, climbed in windows, played with the polish and more. All this they have done while I was trying to stop these things from happening. You have to have eyes in the back of your head. Put yourself in your baby or toddler shoes and crawl around your house and then you will see all the mischief and danger your kids can get into. And make sure you correct this before an accident happens.

How to you baby proof your home? Has your child ever had an accident at home?


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15 comments on “Baby Proofing Your Home”

  1. Gosh where do you start !!
    Gates child locks plug protection and no go zones
    The home is certainly a place of dander for children even with all the child proof measures

  2. Omg. My baby just started crawling and pushing himself up with the help of furnitures and here we go with bumps and accidents.
    So much baby proofing which give us hurdles course but only god knows how the baby can get through all the proofing.
    But still it is a phase and it will pass soon and while it is here plan to enjoy that too. Lol

  3. Thank you for this! So much I’d forgotten now that I’m trying the baby proof my home for my stepgranddaughter!

  4. It’s so important to risk assess your entire home when you have a baby. But even with every measure put in place they will still manage to slip up and get bumps and grazes!

  5. This is such a good post. Although I don’t have kids, I have had to baby proof my house the best I could when my friend brought round her toddler.

  6. Great tips. It’s such a scary time when your first baby starts crawling. I remember someone telling me to get on my hands and knees and go around the whole house (don’t ask!). It really helped find dangers I wouldn’t otherwise had seen.

  7. My son usually runs into the kitchen and try to touch household objects in it. That’s very dangerous because there are knives or sharp objects in the kitchen so that we have to lock the kitchen’s door. This is very annoying whenever I have to cook so I spend my son one playing room where there is no sharp things.
    Laura Browne recently posted…How I Get The Healthiest Food For Our BabyMy Profile

  8. I had baby gates,soft cushioning on the edges of furniture and baby proof sockets,drawer and cupboard locks and my son still used to find a way to hurt himself.My daughter however has all of this to come to as she can’t crawl yet but as soon as she is on the floor she is looking for wires and things she shouldn’t have as they have been more exposed recently due to us moving into a new home.

  9. I dont have kids myself but my brother has and his son who is less than 1 year old is starting to crawl around now so he is sending pictures and comments about how difficult he is to control now 🙂 So when I go home during christmas to see them Im sure I will see the baby proofing of their home there 🙂

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