It’s time to share with you another Degustabox, this time we have Aprils. You can watch me find out what’s in April 2016 Degustabox in the video below



And here is what I thought of the products after trying them out


degustabox april - bebeto


Ok first out of the box was Kervangida Bebeto’s. They come in a pack of 7, so one a day. And are little fruit strings, like strawberry laces. Except these are made with 85% fruit juice and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. There was four different flavours. I tried the raspberry ones and they were really nice, just like eating sweets, So a good treat for the kids. Aaron and Caitlin both liked these and have asked me to buy some more. They are priced at £1.99

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - parle


Then we have 2 products from Parle. There was also 2 products from this brand in last months Degustabox too. This time we have Rusk and Parle-G. The Rusks are 89p a pack and are like toast/stale biscuits. I wasn’t over keen on these, I think it maybe because I don’t like cardamom. But Caitlin loved these and ate the whole pack. Aaron on the other hand thought they were ‘horrible’. The Parle-G where plain biscuits and really nice and at only 25p we will be buying these again

Overall rating of the Rusk – 

Overall rating of Parle-G – 


degustabox april - chocolate


The Nestle products were the kids favourites. The Smarties sharing block was basically milk chocolate with smarties in it. The kids liked it, but said that they would prefer to buy their smarties separately in the tubes. This was priced at £1.29. The Milkybar Milk & Crunchy are 4 mini bars. They are like white chocolate over a biscuit. These were really nice and we would buy these again. This was priced at £1.00

Overall rating of the Smarties bar – 

Overall rating of the Milkybar – 


degustabox april - rejuvenation


Next out the box was he rejuvenation Water. We received the Apple & Mint flavour, but you can also get Spanish orange and Ginger & Lime. It says on the back of the bottle that it can help prevent a hangover, or help if you already have one. So my husband gave this a try. He said it was very refreshing and woke him up a bit but the mint was too over powering. I had a little sip and one sip was nice, but you couldn’t drink the whole thing. This is priced at £1.99

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - popchips


I have had Popchips before and really like them but was really looking forward to trying this flavour as it seems very different and tasty. We got the Sea Salt, Garlic & Rosemary flavour, but you can also get these in Sea Salt, Caramelised Onion & Thyme. These are priced at £1.99 for a sharing bag. I ate these one evening while watching the telly. I really liked the taste, but you cab only eat a few at a time has the flavour is quite strong. Which is good in away, as normally I would eat the whole bag to myself. They did leave me with really bad breath after, and even the next morning, even though I had brushed my teeth I could still smell them! So don’t eat these if your going to be kissing anyone LOL.

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - veetee


There was two packs of Veetee rice in this box. A plain basmati rice priced at £1.29 and the wholegrain brown rice & Quinoa is priced at £1.49. I ate the quinoa mixed rice the other day with a homemade curry and it was really nice and enough for two people. It only took 2 minutes to cook in the microwave too. Will be buying this one again.

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - pimms


This was the first time I have ever tasted Pimms. This was Pimms Cider Cup flavoured with strawberry and cucumber. I thought I might not like it because I hate cucumber, but I to my surprise it was really nice. It was quite refreshing and you couldn’t really taste the cucumber too much. This is priced at £2.29 and is another item i will be buying again.

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - green lady


Green Lady is chilled sparkling green tea made with carab fruit, nutmeg and rose oil. I love a nice cuppa, but not too fussed about green tea, but I did think that I would like this. But I didn’t. It taste nice when it was first in my mouth but left a funny after taste that I didn’t like. My husband Des and kids Caitlin (6) and Aaron (5) tried a bit and Des and Caitlin didn’t like it but Aaron loved it! And he drank the whole bottle. This is priced at £1.99

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - levi roots


Levi Roots Jerk Coat ‘n Cook Sauce is one that my husband will like has he likes hot and spicy food. He hasn’t yet tried this yet, so can’t really say much more about it only that it is priced at £1.00

Overall rating – 


degustabox april - canderel


And last but not least is Canderel, which is an artificial sweetener. half a teaspoon of this is like 1 teaspoon of sugar. I have tried this and taste ok. Not has sweet as sugar, but not much difference. But it is made using aspartame and Acesulfame K which I try to avoid. I rather use real sugar or Stevia. This is priced at £3.00

Overall rating – 


So what did you think of this month’s Degustabox?

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I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine 


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5 comments on “Unboxing and Review of April 2016 Degustabox”

  1. Always seem to be lots of variety in degusta boxes
    I’m quite fussy with some foods but would gladly try all these

  2. Would love to try out the boxes, the products sound awesome!
    I’m sure, especially the crisps and the fruit strings would be something for me…
    Would love to see you on my blog as well since I just reactivated it after travelling for seven months and there is loads of new content going to come up soon!
    Johanna recently posted…I AM BACKMy Profile

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