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I completely missed last months review round up post as I was just so busy! This month I am a little late too as I aim to get these post up on the 15th of every month. But because there was no April post this months post has quite a few items in. I still have a few items that I am currently reviewing now, but these will have to wait until June’s post. And don’t forget, if you have anything you have reviewed and you would like to share at it to the linky at the bottom of the post. I will also share your posts on twitter.


And on to the first item which I received a while ago, but completely forgot about it has Caitlin had it hidden in her bedroom. This personalized book if from *Create Me Books. You start on the website by adding your child’s name and gender and a personalize message if you wish, Then you get to personalize the character to look like your child by changing the skin colour, hair and colour of clothes. The book title are Price or princess Won’t Go To Sleep and are priced at £19.99 with free postage. Caitlin really loved her book and the story and the illustrations are great. The only bad thing I was say is that £19.99 is a bit pricey for a paperback book. If it was hardback it would be better or just lower the price a bit. I would say £10 -£12 would be more suitable.

My overall rating – 


princess caitlin book 1

princess caitlin book 2

princess caitlin book 3


*BFree products are completely wheat and gluten free. 2 of my friends can’t eat wheat and gluten and find it hard to get products suitable for them, but the only thing they always complain about is that the products are quite pricey. And these BFree are not exception. I received the BFree Fajita kit priced at £6.50, Bfree Multi-grain Wraps priced at £6.50 and BFree Pitta Breads priced at £3.50.

The pitta breads taste just like other pitta breads I have tried before, but the wraps had a slightly different taste. The taste overall is ok, but I am just glad that I can eat wheat and gluten items as these are very expensive. The pitta breads I normal buy are just 50p for 6, these are £3.50 for just 4. And I normally buy mission wraps which are priced at £1.80, but I always buy them when they are on offer for just £1.00, so a big difference to paying £6.50.

I wouldn’t buy these again because of the price, but if I was wheat intolerant and couldn’t find a cheaper product, I would buy them then and then only.

My overall rating – 


Bfree items


The little *Kiddyum toddler meals are suitable for ages 1-4 years. They are RRP of £1.90 and come in 5 delicious flavours and are available to buy from Sainsburys.  My youngest two tried these out and really enjoyed them. Caitlin even tried a few peas from the cheesy pasta one and she hates peas! The portion sizes are quite small, too small for my kids but they are aged 5 and 6 and these are aimed a younger children, so perfect for them. They only take 5 minutes in the microwave, so brilliant if you are in a rush and want to give your child something nutritional to eat. If my kids where younger I would definitely buy these again on a regular basis.

My overall rating – 


kiddyum meals 2

kiddyum meals 1


We received these *Savse drinks a while ago now . They are made form cold-pressed raw fruit and vegetables. I had really high hopes for these as they looked so delicious!  But we only really like the Orange one. The others where ok, but most contained beetroot, which none of us where too over keen on as a drink. It was very overpowering and you couldn’t taste the other flavours. The Protein punch was really nice as well, a bit like a healthy Pina Colada. My daughter Caitlin loved the orange one, so we will be buying those two flavours again ,but not the others. Which is a shame as they do look so good. These are available in 250ml and 750ml bottles.

My Overall rating – 


savse 2


This is another product I had high hopes for. *Purition are natural whole food shakes which can be used for gym trainer, healthy eating or for losing weight. My and my husband tried them just shaken in a beaker. They are made with raw food and contain nuts so are very bitty. Which I didn’t like at all. You can also blend these in a blender to make them smoother. But I still didn’t like the taste of them. The nuttiness in them is quite strong, so like in the chocolate one, it didn’t taste like chocolate at all.  Neither me or my husband would buy these again, we just didn’t like the taste. But they are used by a lot of know celebrities, which is a surprise.

My Overall rating – 




*Newton’s Appl Fizzics drinks contain 40% less sugar than normal apple just and contain no E numbers. These are great for both adults and children, for picnics and BBQ’s. These where quite nice, but not as sweet as I was hoping for. The kids liked them too, but prefer their normal apple juice. I would drink these again if I was offered one, but I probably would just stick to buying my normal apple juice, as it’s one of my favourite drinks.

My overall rating –


newtons apple


These *Weetabix Protein contain a lot more protein than your standard Weetabix. Unlike normally Weetabix these have little bits of wheat balls in them, which my kids didn’t like and they eat Weetabix all the time. On the other hand, me and my husband really liked these and actually prefer these over the normal Weetabix. These also get me feeling fuller for longer too. These are something me and my husband will be buying again for ourselves, but sticking to our standard Weetabix for the kids.

My overall rating – 


weetabix protein


I received a goodie bag of *Urban Fruit to try out with the kids. These where all really nice. The strawberry pieces where the kids favourites. I really like the apple & pear ones. The only thing we didn’t like was the coconut pieces that were in the tropical mix. We will be buying these again. But a bit pricey, so will only get them when they are on offer. But these are great for the kids lunch box and snack at school.

My overall rating – 


urban fruit 1


This Redbush Green Rooibos with Coconut tea I won on Twitter. They also sent me out some samples of their other Rooibos range and some lovely soaps. I didn’t like the Green Rooibos with coconut and I think it was because the coconut was very strong, which I wasn’t over keen on. But I did really like their Original Rooibos and Chai Rooibos tea.

My overall rating – 


red bush teas

redbush tea


These pancakes and waffles are from *Birds Eye’s new breakfast range. These are found in the freezer and only take a few minutes on the grill or toaster. These taste really lovely and are great as a dessert too, as you can see that is how I ate mine with some toffee sauce and ice cream. But I have also been eating the waffles in the morning with chopped banana and honey and it is so nice. They have a RRP of £1.79 each, but I got these on offer at Sainsburys for just £1 each. The new range also includes Cinnamon waffles, Chocolate chip pancakes and hazelnut & chocolate filled croissants, which unfortunately for me, they wasn’t available when I went to buy these. But they sound so nice, I can’t wait to try them.

My overall rating – 


birdseye products

birdseye pancakes


This is another item I won from Twitter. These were from @jamberrybynuala. I have never had my nails done, ever! I would love to have lovely long nails but I just think they are a waste of money. (I know, I’m a cheap-sake) but I do love to paint my nails. So this was my first time trying anything like these and I was very impressed with them. They were easy to apply and lasted almost 2 weeks before the sides started to come away. Jamberry also have loads of different patterns to choose from. I tried out the black and grey one first but really love the floral one.

My overall rating  – 


jamberry nail samples


And last but not least is Night Time Baby Bath from *Infacare. I know my youngest is now 5 years old, but I still actully do by baby bubble bath for them, as it’s much kinder to their skin. This one is really lovely and makes lots of bubbles that last. It has a nice gentle smell too. I even use this on myself when I have a bath. This is RRP of £3.49 for 750mls.  I really liked this for both me and the kids and would buy it again

My overall rating – 


infacare bubble bath


So, that’s it for another month. What was your favourite item I reviewed? Have you tried any of these yet?

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  1. The Savse drinks look and sound fab so I will give them a try and see what I think. I also had the frozen waffles this month and they were really good, great to have in the freezer.

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