How to pick the right shoes for your child

Raising a child is a great experience, but the responsibilities that come with it are staggering. From feeding to clothing your bundle of joy, there’s an endless list of things to get sorted. Fortunately, footwear is quite an easy thing to arrange.

Most children don’t start walking until they are around one (this varies depending on the child mind). Contrary to popular trends of placing baby shoes on children, you don’t need to buy them shoes until they are walking. Booties and warm socks will do to keep their feet warm. If you must buy anything, make sure they’re flexible pre-walking shoes.


How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Child



Wait until your child is ready to walk outside before buying shoes, as learning to walk in the house should be done barefoot to aid balance.

Once it’s time to choose, you’ll need to head to a shoe store for a dedicated children’s fitter to take a look at your baby’s feet. First they’ll assess the fit – taking into account the length, width and depth of the shoe. A badly fitted shoe causes all sorts of issues, from toe problems to calluses and bunions.

A fitter will be able to properly assess the size of your child’s feet. The shoes should be comfortable from the moment they’re put on – although some natural fuss is to be expected. If they’re not, it’s a sign the shoes have been improperly fitted.


As for the shoes themselves, they should be breathable as young children sweat quite a lot and will need the breathability to avoid fungal infections. They should fit with a buckle or Velcro fastening too, so they’re easy to get on and off but will also hold the shoes in place. Canvas shoes are good for fitting small, wide feet. The sole should be smooth as well, so that the grip doesn’t cause your child to slip.

As children grow older and become toddlers, then head into school, they’ll need slightly different shoes depending on how their feet have grown. Flat feet and high arches become noticeable after a few years – but no treatment is needed except during extreme cases. As they age, your child may want a more athletic shoe as they begin running, climbing and exploring. Look for a brand like Skechers, which offers plenty of support.

Of upmost importance is to buy your child new shoes. Used pairs will already be moulded to a different child’s feet and won’t offer the support or comfort that a new pair would.

Head to a specialist shoe shop that has dedicated children’s fitters and find them a good pair of shoes so that they can put their best foot forward.


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