I love adult colouring books and find them so relaxing to do. I have always been a fan of colouring since a child and I used to always get a colouring book and felt tips every Christmas from my grandma. I have quite the collection of adult colouring books and have reviewed two on my blog. Just the other week Mills and Boon released their first ever colouring book. The Art of Romance celebrates over 100 years of Mills and Boon romantic book covers.


mills and boons adult colouring book 1

mills and boons colouring book 2


Here are all the book covers that the book includes to colour in.


mills and boons colouring book 4

mills and boons colouring book 3


mills and boons colouring book 6


The year I was born was the release of the best-selling romance book – High Tide at Midnight by Sara Craven


mills and boons colouring book 5

mills and boons colouring book 9

mills and boons colouring book 8


And this cover from 1927 is the one I decried to colour in first. I tried to copy the cover from the original.


mills and boons colouring book 7


What do you think?


mills and boon adult colouring book - complete page


I prefer to use felt tip when I do my colouring, but for this colouring book I think pencils work best and on some pictures there are no definitive lines. To be honest, this is not a colouring book I would have chosen to buy for myself. I think the drawings are not too good and look a bit like they have been printing start from my computer from some random website. But this is a great book and also a collectable item if you are a fan of Mills and Boons.

If you are a fan of Mills and Boons and would like to get your hands on a copy of this Mills and Boons adult colouring book you can buy it from Amazon or you can enter below for your chance to win a copy.

The giveaway is open to the UK only and ends at 11:59pm on Friday 17th June 2016. All entries are optional, but the more you enter the more chances you have at winning.


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I received the above colouring book in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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40 comments on “Mills and Boon Adult Colouring Book Review + giveaway”

  1. So relaxing to be colouring – the hard part is keeping your pens and pencils away from the kids, they have their own but prefer mine of course

    • This is so true! my 6 year old loves to colour so when I bought a new colouring book I also bought her one the same, so she doesn’t nick mine

  2. I love colouring to relieve my stress, just to sit down and forget about everything for a while is great

  3. I like Mills and Boon, a little bit of escapism and I always loved colouring as a child, so why do we have to stop because we are adults.

  4. I really like Mills and Boon historical romances. You can escape the real world in them the same with colouring. It takes your mind away from the worries you have and concentrates it on the picture. Colouring can be a great way to de-stress and then look at your problems with a clearer mind.

  5. The thing I like about adult colouring books is that it takes you back in time a bit, can be relaxing and therapeutic just to have that time-out focusing on building your picture that everyday problems take a back-seat for a while 🙂 Looks like these would be pictures to practice on, as I too have seen other adult colouring books with a lot more detail and scope to use your own imagination with colours for these designs. My better half has even shown a bit of interest in those that use Celtic-style designs/patterns, so he may well get into colouring , if I let him near my book 😉 (that said he is far more creative than me and is bound to produce better images!) Fingers crossed.

  6. I have never read any M and B books or done any adult colouring yet. Help grandson out when he wants to colour and I enjoy that

  7. Oh now thats hard as there is so many awesome M&B books my sister has almost every single one going and would love this colouring in book,thank you for the chance x

  8. I like colouring as you don’t have to think too hard you just get colouring and forget about everything else. And people can’t tell you you’re being weird because it says ‘adult colouring’ right there on the cover. :’)

  9. I love colouring, it so is so distracting and makes you focus on something different. It is calming! This is why I have loads of colouring books but I am not lucky enough to have this one! fingers crossed 🙂

  10. Maiden Flight cover reminds me of careers ads in the Sixties. Just like hospital romances airlines seemed to be popular choices for careers for boy meets girl scenarios.

    I always prefer writing with a pencil as things flow so much easier thatn with a pen or ballpoint and I think using coloured pencils for colouring these designs flows more easily too, making them more relaxing and giving soft, subtle tones to the final image.

  11. I started adult colouring when I sat beside a hospital bed for days on end and my husband was asleep. I found it incredibly relaxing and time went much faster. Once home, to unwind before bed I continued colouring and it actually became what I now call a hobby. Each new book is a new adventure.

  12. I love adult colouring because there is such a wide variety of themes to choose from so you can incorporate it with other hobbies mine are dogs and gardening , This Mill and Boon one could bring the romantic out in me

  13. I love that the Mills and Boon, they are nice easy read happy ending stories. Colouring is so relaxing, just love it

  14. I’ve always loved Mills and Boon books set on a Greek Island, in the Desert, or about Doctors. And as for colouring books, I just love them. So relaxing. I often give one as a present to friends who are ill.

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