I have loved receiving our monthly Degustabox and have been really looking forward to finding out what is inside.

Here is me with Ryan (11) and Caitlin (6) opening our May 2016 Degustabox :



There was two items that not added to our box by accident, but they kindly sent me another box along with the two missing items. And has these items didn’t get mentioned in the video I will review these two first.


may 2016 degustabox - wonderful nuts



We have tried these Wonderful nuts before and really like them. Well, I have tried the almonds as I don’t like pistachios, but luckily they are my husbands favourite nuts. So I had the almonds and he had the pistachios. These are both really nice and we sometimes buy these already. These are priced at 90p each

My Overall rating- 


may 2016 degustabox - misfortune cookie

degustabox may - misfortune cookie 2


Misfortune Cookies

These Pechkeks misfortune cookies are actually black fortune cookies, they are in the above picture, but you can’t see them in the photo as they disappeared into the background. But I supposed it would have been better if I didn’t photograph them on top on my black chopping board! I was having a dumb moment. This are different to normal fortune cookies, not just because of their colour but the little paper fortune inside are not like the ones you might expect like ‘you will me a tall, dark stranger’ or ‘Good luck is heading your way’ these are a bit more truthful with some black humour thrown in. These taste like other fortune cookies I have tried. I would eat these again, but I wouldn’t go out my way to buy them. These are £1.00 each, which is a bit pricey.

My overall rating – 


degustabox may - cranes



I think these Cranes alcoholic drinks were my favourite item from this months box. This was the first time I have tried them, in fact, it was the very first time that I have heard of this brand. I received the Cranberry flavour and Strawberry & Kiwi. They were both really nice and sweet, the way I like my drinks. But I think the strawberry one was my favourite. There is another flavour you can get which I think I would like even more and that is Raspberry & Pomegranate. Each bottle has just 99 calories and as a minimum of 16% juice in them. Will definitely be looking out for these. They are priced at £1.90 each

My overall rating – 


degustabox may - pomegreat


Pomegranate Juice

Pomegreat is as you can guess is pomegranate juice. The pomegranates used to make this drink come from California and are really refreshing. I quite like this, but it’s not overly sweet, with a slight dry taste to it. A really good alternative to our usual orange and apple juices. This is priced at £1.49

My overall rating – 


degustabox may - barbecue glaze


Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

We haven’t tried this Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Barbecue glaze yet but it sounds very different. I didn’t even know that Jack Daniels made anything else apart from whiskey. This can be used as a glaze for chicken wings or ribs or even just use it as a dip for potato wedges or veggies. Not quite sure if I will like this. I think my husband would, but can’t imagine him using it that often. This is available from Tesco and priced at £1.99

My overall rating – 


degustabox may - kallo



Kallo have made an appearance in Degustabox quite a few times nice. But we are not disappointed about this as me and the kids really like these. This time there was Kallo Belgian Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes which are as you can guess are corn cakes covered in milk chocolate. There are only 78 calories in one and perfect if you fancy something with a bit of chocolate in. And they are also suitable for coeliac’s, so that’s a plus. These are priced at £1.29 for  pack of 6.

I liked the Kallo Yoghurt Coated Rice Cakes more. These where just delicious and I am surprised I loved these more then the chocolate ones. These are made with wholegrain brown rice with a lovely yoghurt coating. These are priced at £1.69 for  pack of 6.

My Overall rating for the chocolate corn cakes – 

My overall rating for the yoghurt coated rice cakes – 


degustabox may - get fruity


Get Fruity

Next up is the Get Fruity bar, I received the Apricot, Orange & Ginger flavoured one, but there are 5 more other flavours available. I did think that they should be at least one more of these bars added to the Degustabox, as it looked a bit lonely all by it’s self. This was quite nice and a bit like a dried fruit bar. These are gluten free with no added refined sugars, are also nut free and 100% natural. Each bar is priced at £1.00, which I think is a bit pricey for just the one bar.

My overall rating –


degustabox may - date nectar


Beoved Date Nectar

I haven’t tried this Beloved Dates Nectar yet, it’s a natural alternative to honey and is suitable for vegans and is also gluten, wheat and dairy free. I love honey so I am hoping I like this as I have never even tried a date before. This can be used in porridge or on pancakes or you can use it in baking. This is priced at £3.50

My Overall rating – 


degustabox may - croissants


Brioche Pasquier Croissants

My second favourite item from this months box was the Brioche Pasquier Croissants. I have tried the chocolate chip version of these and they are just so nice. This plain version is just has nice and has a really lovely flavour to it. I have been having chocolate craving recently so I have been having these cut in half and stuffed with Nutella. Pure bliss. These are priced at £1.80 for a pack of 8. Will be buying these again, one of my favs.

My overall rating – 


degustabox may - madeleine


Mrs Crimbles Madeleine Cakes

And last but not least are these Mrs Crimbles classic Madeleine cakes. They come in a pack of 6 and are individually wrapped. My husband keep nicking all of these as he really loved them. Even though I received these in both my boxes, for some reason they are not on the leaflet, so I don’t know how much these cost.

My overall rating – 


Oh and one item that is in the video but I forgot to photo is the Garofalo pasta. It is a lovely corkscrew shape and it is priced at £1.99 for a 500g bag. Which I think is very pricey as I normally buy supermarket brand pasta for just 29p. I did like the shape of this pasta but to me it taste the same as the cheap one I buy.

My overall rating 


So what did you think of may 2016 Degustabox?

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I received the above Degustabox in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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23 comments on “Opening and Review of May 2016 Degustabox”

  1. This looks delicious
    Lots of brands I like too this month
    Not too sure about the date nectar
    Really good scores on most of these

  2. Just ordered one of these on their special offer of £5.99 and a free gift too for my sister’s birthday

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