How Having a Massage Helps when I am feeling Stressed

Just lately I have been feeling really stressed. I am one of those people who hold all my stress in my neck, shoulders and back. I sometimes have a nice hot bubble bath to help, but this doesn’t always work. They only way I can get rid of all my stress and aches and pains that come with it is by getting a nice massage. If I don’t get one the pain gets worse and I end up with a massive headache, which in turn affects my sleep, leaving me feeling absolutely exhausted the next day. I always get my husband to massage me. But as I have been feeling very stressed recently I have been asking him for a lot of massages. He his getting fed up with me and refusing to do them now. He says to find another way to deal with my stress. But I just can’t. As the stress is all in my body the only other option I have is to take pain killers, but that only lasts for a few hours and the pain is back. And also I don’t want to relay on tablets when I now that having a massage will work. So I have decided that I am going to look into having a professional massage. I know it will cost me, instead of having free ones from my husband but it’s worth my health and wellbeing.

I have recently been introduced to Thai Kosai, a Thai massage boutique based in London. They sound lovely and something that would really benefit me. They do a range of different massages from a traditional Thai massage to a four hands massage. I really like the sound of their deep tissue massage, it targets the deeper layers of muscle tissue and aims to release chronic tension, perfect just what I need! The price for this type of massage start form £35 for 30 minutes up to £90 for 90 minutes.


How Having a Massage Helps when I am feeling Stressed - thai Kosai


This sounds great to me. I could have a professional massage once a week or every two weeks and get my husband to give me massages in between. Not only that, but it’s nice to treat yourself now and again. And a massage for me would be my perfect idea of a treat.

I am a bit body concious, so was worried about having a professional massage as I would have to take my clothes of. But at the Thai Kosai massage boutique they will let you undress alone and will only come back in the room when you are ready and you don’t have to take anything off that you are not comfortable with. They even have showers if you would like to wash of any body oils used. And they provide you with a drink of water after your massage to help rehydrate you and feeling your best.

If you’re not interested in having a lovely massage but know someone who does, then you could buy them a gift voucher. I would love to receive one of these for my birthday, it would make my day, or you could treat your dad or husband as a Father’s day gift.

Have you ever had a professional massage? Or are you like me and have a husband who is fed up?


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