Do you think you are really cool and with the times? Well Sunlife have made a really fun and amusing little quiz, to find out what you language ages it. It has fun questions like:

What word would you use to describe something good?

  • Cool
  • Awesome
  • Groovy
  • Score
  • Bangin’
  • Sick
  • Spiffing

For me I would use cool. My 11-year-old son would use epic, but that’s not there, but he does say awesome a lot. I have no idea what spiffing is, never heard of it. Anyone else?

The things he says, half of it I have no idea what he is on about. Him and his friend keep going round saying, “21” and also “My name’s Jeff”. I have no idea, but they are always saying it. Drives me crazy. So if anyone can enlighten me and let me know why they keep saying these, would be great.

Anyway, I took the quiz and my language age is 20. Which I am quite proud of that, not bad at all I think. My actual age is 31. So I have still got it haha. You can take the What is Your Age Language Quiz here and let me know what you scored.


What is Your Language Age?



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17 comments on “What is Your Language Age?”

  1. Okay so I can enlighten you a little on the 21 and “My name is Jeff” as my daughter uses them, actually I’m guilty of using “My name is Jeff” too! *hangs head in shame*

    21 is to do with a vine that says “You stupid, whats 9+10?” then the kid says “No I’m not, 21”

    The “My name is Jeff” is from 22 Jump Street, there’s a scene where they are undercover and someone asks him his name, he can’t think and just comes out with “My name is Jeff”

    21 link –

    My name is Jeff –

    You’re welcome!
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  2. I didn’t do well
    Have to get a bit more with it
    It said o was 50 and I’m not there yet
    Better get practicing !!!

  3. To be honest I don’t really use any of those words as I’m not really a big fan of ‘current’ ‘hip’ words. Too much of of a grammar stickler!

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