Lalaloopsy Minis Style ‘N’ Swap

My kids love collecting things, so Caitlin (6) was really excited to received a Lalaloospy Minis Style ‘n’ Swap pack. She got the Crumbs Sugar Cookie pack that comes with a pose-able figure, 4 dresses, two hairstyles, 2 pairs of shoes and a handbag. You can mix and match the clothes to make different outfits. There are also other packs to collect, so you can make loads of different styles if you get all the packs. The packs are RRP of £9.99 and would make a lovely birthday gift too,


Lalaloopsy Minis Style 'N' Swap


We had just came back from (another) birthday party and she begged me to let her open it. Even though it was nearly bedtime she just couldn’t wait till morning.  I love the packaging of these has they have a little carry handle.



lalaloopsy minis 3

lalaloopsy minis 2


lalaloopsy minis 4


I didn’t really get chance to take many of photo of this as she wanted to take it to bed with her after she had finished playing with it. She has now put all the pieces in a little tub and keeps asking me when I am going to buy her another set as she wants two dolls so they can be best friends.

There are 4 different packs that you can get (shown below) and there a are also 2 multi packs that are RRP £16.99. Along with 2 different play set to collect, RRP £14.99 and a Carry along house RRP £24.99. They are all so cute. I really like the bottom left set, just love the colours.


lalaloopsy minis Collage


Head over to the Lalaloopsy website to play loads of fun games and videos


Which of the Lalaloopsy sets do you like the most?


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lalaloopsy Tinies series 1



I received the Lalaloopsy mini set in return for this post. All opinions are mine



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