The summer months always inspire us to get out into the garden, whether that’s to lie in the sun or sort out the weeds that we’ve let get a little bit out of hand. This summer, why not put the warmer weather to good use and work on changing your garden for the better. Creating a more eco-friendly garden can not only make upkeep easier, it can also cut both costs and your carbon footprint.

If you’re not one for getting your fingers a little green, these simple and easy tips from Ecoscape composite decking, will help you do your bit without being an expert gardener.


Make your garden eco-friendly Ecoscape - eco-friendly garden


Do you have any tips for making an Eco Friendly garden?


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7 comments on “How to Create an Eco-Friendly Garden”

  1. These are all excellent tips. I love gardening and quite frankly, it’s both relaxing and educational.

  2. I do all of these when I can
    Like to recycle and reuse everything as I dislike waste in any form
    One I’m not sure about is the natural solutions such as vinegar to kill weeds
    I’ll try this tomorrow on a few as the weather is to be nice and quite warm and let you know the outcome

  3. That’s a very detailed infographic. I have been trying to grow my garden for some time now and it would be nice to make it more eco-friendly! Thanks so much for this, it’s a very good reference for people like me.

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