Take the Fun Dog Quiz and Find Your Perfect UK Holiday Destination

Want to go on a holiday that is dog friendly? Take this Dog quiz from Dream Lodge to find the perfect place to take your dog on holiday in the UK, which you both will love.

Take the Dog Quiz here


Take the Fun Dog Quiz and Find Your Perfect UK Holiday Destination


I don’t have a dog, in fact I don’t have any pets just three mischievous kids and a husband who is worse. So when I took the quiz I used my mum’s dog. He is called Winston and he is a Jack Russell cross Terrier. He is a good little dog apart from he barks a lot. And I mean I lot. Well, I say he is good. He has been good for the last 7 years until just yesterday! My mum took him for a walk in the field behind her house and he was off the lead. Then he heard someone start a strimmer up. He is terrified of load noises and he just shot of trying to hide. But when my mum caught up with where he ran off too he was nowhere to be since. It took me, my mum, my sister and two of my mums neighbours almost 2 hours to find him! He had been running all over the place! It was me who eventually found him. He was just stood there with his tail between his legs looking terrified. I picked him up an started carrying back to my mums house, but he was just so heavy. Which was a bit surprising since he is so small. So I had to nip in to my house and grabbed my dressing gown tie to use has a makeshift dog lead. Think that’s the last time my mum will be letting him off a lead, we was surprised that he didn’t get knocked down by a car.

Anyway, I took the dog quiz and I got East Sussex

“The ideal place for you to relax with your owner. Enjoy the amazing countryside and the beauty that it provides. Make the most of the luxurious lifestyle that East Sussex provides whilst also getting stuck into some of the activities with your owners”

Go take the dog quiz and let me know what your ideal holiday destination to go on with your dog is. Will it be Cornwell, or maybe Norfolk? 



The image is courtesy of Moyan Brenn | Creative Commons

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