My kids love to draw and some of their pictures can be really good and so just plain silly. My daughter Caitlin draw a picture of Snow White when she was just 4 years old and it was brilliant! You could tell who it was supposed to be and she had all the colours of her dress correct and in the right places. I still have the drawing in a keepsake box under my bed and it is something I will cherish forever.

Sunlife have asked a group of nursery children to draw some celebrity’s and the outcome is pretty good. They have also made a fun little quiz where we have to try and guess who the famous celebrity is from the child’s drawing.

You can take the – Can You Guess the Children’s Celebrity Drawing  – here. There are nine questions. I scored 7 out of 9, not bad at all.


Can You Guess the Children's Celebrity Drawing?


I really like drawing number 3 (shown above), he looks like Stick Man but that’s not him. And drawing number 4 is so funny, I really love it. And the last two drawings, number 8 and 9 are really good. A lot better than anything that I could do.

So pop over there and take the quiz and come back here and let me know what you scored in the comments.



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14 comments on “Can You Guess the Children’s Celebrity Drawing?”

  1. This is brilliant. i can imagine this was a lot of fun! i may try this with my nephew but instead of celebrities maybe cartoon characters as hes only 3 ahaha

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