Kids Sand Shaker Review

Over the Easter holidays me and my 2 youngest kids tried out the new Sand Shaker we received to review. You can make great picture with coloured sand and it’s all in a container so no mess.


Revell my arts sand shaker review


The set comes with the sand shaker holder, 5 bags of different coloured sand, for sand containers, glue, numbered pictures, sticker peel-off pictures and some plain paper to make your own designs.


sand shaker 2


The pictures are numbered and you need to glue one number at a time and use the sand the same colour on the guide to make the pictures.


sand shaker 3


In each corner of the sand shaker you place the 4 containers with sand in. You can also store the paper underneath the sand shaker. The only thing I would say is that this would be better if it came with 5 containers for the sand. Has when you need to use the 5th colour, you need to put the sand back in the bag and put the new colour in, which can be a bit of a hassle an would just be much more easier, and less mess, if each coloured sand came with its own pot.


sand shaker 9


Aaron (5) decided he want to start with the chameleon picture. He he is carefully placing the glue on all the number 3’s.


sand shaker 5


You place the paper inside and make sure the case is locked. Make sure the 3 colours you are not going to be using are firmly shut and just open the colour you need by turning it around. Now comes the fun part. Just shake shake shake! Aaron really loved doing this and trying to get all the green sand on to the leaves.


sand shaker 6

sand shaker 7


Once you have finished with one colour, carefully take the paper out and tip the shaker to the one corner the sand is in to get it back into the pot. Then make sure you fasten it, so the sand doesn’t come back out

After it was Caitlin’s (6) turn. She choice the birthday cake picture and we started with the pink sand.


sand shaker 4


Has soon as she had finished with the pink, she moved on to doing the green parts. But as you can see from the picture below, as the glue wasn’t dry after using the pink, some of the green sand stuck to where the pink sand should go. So I would suggest that you should wait until the glue completely dries between using each colour. What we did was do the pictures over a few days and the kids each did one colour a day. This was much better and the kids didn’t run out of doing all the pictures all at once.


sand shaker 8


The sand shaker is available from all good retailers .

I quite like this. If you are making sand or glitter art pictures then the sand shaker is great as it keeps everything clean and mess free. The only things I would change is to add another pot for the 5th colour. And I will also point out that after using it a few times some sand can get stuck in the opening of the pots making it a little difficult to shut, this is fine if an adult shuts it but kids may not be able to fully close them by themselves.

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I received the sand shaker in return for this post. All opinions are my own

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