Celebrating the Queens 90th birthday with Wentworth Puzzles

Celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday with Wentworth Puzzles

Wouldn’t you just love to have 2 birthdays a year. Think of it, double the cake and double the pressies. But for the Queen this is true! I always thought that the official Queens birthday was in June, that’s what is says on my calendar. But in fact this is just a day to celebrate her birthday, because the weather is more than not going to be nice, so she can celebrate it outside. Other countries around the world also celebrate this later than her actual birthday too but on different dates, like Australia will celebrate in September or October. But her actually real birthday, the day she was born on is 21st April.

And last week was a big birthday celebration as the Queen turned 90. Royal mail have just bought out some new stamps to mark this special occasion by featuring not only her, but her family too including little prince George and princess Charlotte.

Wentworth Puzzles have also joined in with the celebration and released a 90th birthday souvenir jigsaw puzzle, which I had the chance to try out a review


Celebrating the Queens 90th birthday with Wentworth Puzzles


The jigsaw came in its own bag and contained 200 pieces. The completed jigsaw is in the shape of the Queens head, like you find on postage stamps. It was made up of 18 photos of the queen through her life and of course being a Wentworth Puzzle it contained whimsy pieces, include figures of the queen and her crowns.


queen jigsaw 2

queen jigsaw 3

queen jigsaw 5

queen jigsaw 6

Celebrating the Queens 90th birthday with Wentworth Puzzles

queen jigsaw 8

queen jigsaw 9

queen jigsaw 10


I really love Wentworth puzzles as they are made from good quality strong wood, so will last a lifetime. And this one is a perfect souvenir and great if you like to collect Royal family memorabilia. This puzzle is priced at £32 for 200 pieces and you can also get it in 400 pieces for £62. This may sound a lot of money for a jigsaw, but these are wooden jigsaws not cardboard like your normal ones. These will last a lifetime.

But if the queen is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. Wentworth Puzzles have 100’s to choose from including their new summer range. Go take a look.


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I received the jigsaw in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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