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About the Book

Book : Kids Don’t Come with a Manual : The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life

Author :  Carole & Nadim Saad

Genre : Parenting / non-fiction

Publisher : Best of Parenting Publishing

Pages : 304

Release Date : 10th March 2015

My star rating : 5/5

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Blurb from back of book



Parenting is an important job, yet parents receive little to no training. Since most of our experience is based on our own upbringing, we can feel uncertain as to whether we are doing the right thing. To complicate things further, our partner is likely to have a different parenting style to ours. Drawing on their experience in early childhood education, as Parenting Coaches, and as parents, Carole and Nadim have helped thousands of parents with their programme of practical tools designed to empower parents to: 

  • Deal with everyday parenting challenges without confrontation or anger
  • Help children to become happy, fulfilled and self-reliant adults
  • Maintain a strong and loving connection with children throughout their lives
  • Agree on a balanced and more enjoyable approach to parenting


My Review


This is one of the best parenting books I have ever read!! My 3 kids are currently 11, 6 and 5. My youngest two are a nightmare when they are together, always arguing, hitting each other, whining and basically giving me a headache. I have read a few other parenting books before, but they were for younger children, like having them sit on the naughty step and time-out. That doesn’t work with mine now. But the thing I like most about this book is that don’t give you one straight answer of how to deal with things. They show you have a typical ‘all-heart’ parent deals with it and also how ‘the strict’ parent deals with it and then give you different tactics to try. This is great as you can choose the best for your child and your style of parenting.

There are a total of 7 chapters each focusing of a different problem areas, so you can skip some if they are not relevant to you. My favourite part of the book was the appendix – Trouble Shooting top 20 parenting challenges, as I have experience all 20 of these. And there where some great tips and advice to help me deal with my eldest son, now 11. Like ignoring me, his negative attitude, back-talking, being rude, swearing and playing on his tablet and games console too much.

Following some of the advice from this book has really helped me and also made me see that before the way I was dealing with my child’s whining, etc, I was making it worse and prolonging it. Now I stop it before it even starts. I would recommend this to every parent with children from the age of about 2-3.

5/5 stars


About the Author



From Goodreads profile :

Nadim is a Parenting and Relationship Coach and a serial entrepreneur. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and he founded and expanded companies in three continents in such diverse sectors as retail, telecoms, home management and car finance.

He is passionate about sharing the transformative parenting tools that have made such a difference in his family life.

As a father of three children, he couldn’t agree with his wife Carole on the best way to parent their children. They had to find ways to make their family life more harmonious and enjoyable despite their different parenting styles. So life-changing were their discoveries that they have devoted their lives to turning what they learnt into highly effective parenting tools to share, support and guide other parents on their parenting journey. They founded the Best of Parenting company to offer services tailored to parents’ individual needs including parenting courses, private coaching sessions, a trouble-shooting App and the highly acclaimed website

You can also find Carole and Nadim on Facebook and Twitter

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14 comments on “Kids Don’t Come with a Manual Book Review”

  1. This sounds really good! My kids are 14, 12 and 10, but it sounds like some of the advice might still be relevant to them. It’s been years since I last read a parenting book, but I’m always in need of more advice!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Unbreakable?My Profile

  2. There are plenty of baby books, but when they get older you can feel a little bit in the wilderness at times, so this book sounds great!

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