Trying out the Forza Diet Shake and Trying to Lose Weight

Over the past year and a half I have put on a stone and a half! I went to the doctors last year has I kept feeling tired all the time and out of breath when I walked. I thought I might have anaemia, has I am a vegetarian and at the time my diet wasn’t very good. I had a few blood tests, but it came back that I didn’t have anaemia , but I had somehow used all of my iron stores. Which is strange, as the doctor said these should last for 2 years and normally people only use these up when they have something wrong with them, like cancer or some other serious illness or when your pregnant. I have been tested for a few things and all came back clear, except my thyroid test. It’s borderline, but not over the treatment line. So he gave me 2 months of iron tablets to take and told me to go back in 6 months to repeat my thyroid test.

Within a few days of taking the iron tablets I felt so much better, but then a few weeks after finishing the 2 month course I started to feel like I did before. I went back in March for my repeat blood test and that has come back normal. still slightly borderline but not over. So, they don’t know what it is. I have got another appointment in a few weeks. But in the meantime, I am trying to lose a bit of weight, as it seems to be just going up and up.

I have been sent out some diet shakes from Forza to try out. I received the starter pack that contains a 7 day supply, so 14 shakes in flavours chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. You are supposed to have one for breakfast and one for dinner and then a healthy tea. This pack as a RRP of £25.99 but is currently on offer for £18.99. The bottle is available to buy separately for £4.95


Forza diet shake 1


Each sachet contains 22 vitamins and minerals and 204 calories.  I am used to having slimfast, which you make up with milk and taste like a milkshake. But the Forza diet shake you make up with 250-300 mls  of water. I thought this would taste bland and be really thin. (I like my shakes quite thick), but to my surprise these did taste really nice. I liked all 3 favours and each one was like a milkshake.

I didn’t use the beaker that they sent me out, as I don’t know why but I kept spilling it down me when I tried to drink from it. I think the lip bit you drink from is a little bit too thick, but did really like the look of this bottle so was a bit disappointed I couldn’t use it, unless I wanted to walk around with half of it down the front of my top.


Forza diet shake 2


Again, comparing this to slimfast drinks. The tastes are very similar, but the vitamins and mineral content are higher in the slimfast than this Forza diet shake, but unless that is because slimfast is made with milk, not water. But even though the protein amount is roughly the same in both shakes, this one seemed to keep me full up for longer. Which is great for me as I am quite a big eater, and always feel hungry.

Overall I would buy this product again, but only when it is on offer as a bit expensive. But I did lose some weight! I lost about 4 lbs which is amazing, as I have not been eating very healthy teas the week I tried this. One of the days we went out for a meal for my mum’s 60th birthday and I had a big meal with a pudding and drinks and then the next day I had an Indian takeaway. So it does really work.

Have you ever tried this diet shake out? What others have you tried and did they work for you? Let me know in the comments

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I received the starter pack in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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