Yellow Moon Easter Themed Crafts

Me kids really look forward to receive their Yellow Moon craft bundles and this time it was Easter themed!! This bundle of Yellow Moon Easter themed crafts contained some really great items.

  • Easter Grass (tissue paper) £2.45
  • Spring basket Kits – pk 8 – £2.95
  • Mini Glitter Eggs – pk 100 – £2.50
  • Easter dotty Sticker Art – pk 8 – £3.99
  • Paint Pad – £3.60
  • Easter Wooden Shapes -pk 10 – £2.99
  • Easter colour-in Gift Boxes – pk 8 – £2.75
  • Bunny Mix & Match Decoration Kits – pk 6 – £3.49


yellow moon easter crafts 11


The kids couldn’t wait to get started and first thing on Saturday morning as soon has they got up, there we wanting to get the things out and get started even though they were still half asleep.  We started of making the Spring Basket Kits. They were easy to put together and just need a little glue to hold them in place. The kids filled their baskets with the shredded tissue paper and placed some of the mini glitter eggs inside.


yellow moon easter crafts 10

yellow moon easter crafts 4

yellow moon easter crafts 6


Next was on to the Easter Dotty Art sheets. These are really great for younger kids and they are so easy to do. Simply stick the correct size sticker on the white dots. There are a few sheets of each colour, so you won’t run out of stickers. I actually did one of these sheets to and really enjoyed it, I’m like a big kid!


yellow moon easter crafts 3

yellow moon easter crafts 1

yellow moon easter crafts 2


The bunny decoration kit where great! You have a pack of 6 bunnies and you simply stick the foam shapes on and decorate them how you please. Caitlin did the pink bunny, I did the middle one and Aaron did the blue and orange one. They also have ribbon so you can hang them up to.


yellow moon easter crafts 9

yellow moon easter crafts 8


The colour-in Easter boxes come in a pack of 8, with 4 different designs. these are great for letting the kids colour in and filling with some mini chocolate eggs and giving to friends and family has little Easter gifts from the kids.


yellow moon easter boxes


Caitlin really concentrating on not going over the lines.


yellow moon easter crafts 7


My half-finished box.


yellow moon easter box 2

yellow moon easter box 1


And last but not least, the wooden Easter shapes. Caitlin coloured in the Easter basket and added some eggs and a spotty bow. There was also a butterfly shape that Aaron coloured in and glued some sequins on and he took it to school to put in their display, has they are currently learning about mini beasts and also have some caterpillars. He was so proud showing his finished butterfly to his teacher and class mates. But unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it.


yellow moon wooden shapes

yellow moon easter shape


We didn’t use the paint pad, but I have an idea to decorate some eggs and we will be using it then.

Yellow moon have loads of other fantastic Easter and spring themed crafts and all at great prices, with some also on offer! So pop over there and check them out and let me know what you’ll be buying.

Best of Worst


We received the craft bundle from Yellow Moon in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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