The Mini Chocolate Easter Egg Jigsaw is the second I have tried from Wentworth Puzzles. I first tried their World Map jigsaw last year. The last one had just 50 pieces so the kids helped me do it. This one however, is a bit more trickier. It has 260 pieces, but as the picture is all mini eggs, all the pieces look quite similar. The main thing I like about Wentworth Puzzles is that they are made from wood and not flimsy cardboard. These are going to last a lie time! It jigsaw also come in its own drawstring back, so you can keep all the pieces together. And has the pieces are thicker you can do this jigsaw on carpet, which means that I could do this watching telly in my living room. Which is what I did. I watched Ant and Dec’s Saturday night takeaway and my favourite programme, Casualty, while doing my jigsaw.


easter egg jigsaw 8

easter egg jigsaw

easter egg jigsaw 4


Whimsy pieces

The first thing you will notice about this jigsaw is that the piece don’t look like ordinary jigsaw pieces. These are strange shapes and they also contain ‘Whimsy’ pieces. This being an Easter themed one, had cute little bunny shaped heads.


easter egg jigsaw 7

easter egg jigsaw 6
easter egg jigsaw 5


My completed jigsaw took me about 5 hours none stop to finish! The kids did try to help, but found it too hard. My youngest, Aaron (5) did actually find a few pieces that went together, which is was so pleased about.


easter egg jigsaw 3

easter egg jigsaw 2

Wentworth puzzle easter egg jigsaw 1


The edge pieces to this jigsaw also are not straight, making the puzzle even more difficult.

This Easter Egg Jigsaw is priced at £32. You may think that is a bit pricey for a jigsaw, but you have to remember this is made from good quality wood and it will last a life time. I would definitely recommend buying a Wentworth Puzzle. They have so many different types to buy for both kids and adults and prices start from £7.25.

Do you like doing jigsaw puzzles? What is your favourite Wentworth puzzle? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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I received the above jigsaw in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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27 comments on “Wentworth Chocolate Easter Egg Jigsaw Review”

  1. oh i do love doing jigsaw puzzle and I have to say thi sone looks great, i love how the pieces are shaped for this

  2. I love the whimsy pieces, they’re so cute. The pattern looks like it might be a challenging one too which means you’d certainly get your money’s worth int he time taken to complete it. Jigsaws are so relaxing! x

  3. i have recently won this puzzle and when it arrived I am really excited about doing it, I love the shape of the pieces

  4. That looks like a really tricky jigsaw, especially as there’s no straight edges. I bet my husband would like it, he likes jigsaws and this one would keep him busy for ages! I love that it’s made of wood, it’ll last a lot longer than cardboard ones. #TriedTested

  5. A lovely jig-saw. We often have a large jigsaw on the go at the end of the dining table and everyone can have a go at fitting in a piece or two when they visit. Even small children can often spot a piece we oldies have missed! Southwold 2 would be my choice of a Wentworth puzzle at the moment just to remind me of Summer days!

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