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March’s review round up post is a little late, but better late than never right. I have reviewed quite a few things this month, so have individual post about the. You can see all my past reviews here. Has I have done so many reviews over the last few years, soon I will be sharing a post of my favourite items that I have reviewed and what I swear by and still use today. So keep a look out for that.

and on to this month’s reviews.


First up is The Good Dinosaur DVD. I received this just last Friday and me and the kids couldn’t wait to watch it, so Saturday night we all got comfy on the sofa and put it on. It’s about a dinosaur called Arlo that feels, that he isn’t has good as the rest of his family. But when he falls in to a river and gets washed miles away from home and does everything in his power to get home, he finds out that he is just as good as everyone else. I really loved this movie and almost had me in tears at some parts, which left my eldest son Ryan (11) laughing at me. The film has some really amazing graphics and almost looks real. This is a must see family film to watch over Easter. The film was just realised on blu-ray on 21st March

My overall rating 


the good dinosaur


*Hirameki book by Peng & Hu from Thames and Hudson is a book filled with splodges and ink spills and you just have to use your imagination and draw and make those little splodges into something. Is it a bird, a cat or a giant gnome! There is no limit to what you can make these into and it’s a fun way to relax and unwind after a hard days work. The paperback book has 192 pages and has a RRP £9.95

My overall rating 


doodle book 6

doodle book 1

doodle book 2

doodle book 3


The *Numberbundle boxes are to help children to learn maths in a fun way. The boxes are priced at £21 for a single box or £16.99 for a monthly subscription and are for pre-school to year 2. Each box includes lessons involving cookery, arts & crafts, active games, solo puzzles, cross stitch, outdoor play, science and a story. I was sent out a year 1 box to try out my daughter, Caitlin (6). This box contained 7 different projects, each with their own leaflet with a list of what you need and instructions and what the activity helps the child to learn. I was very impressed with the different activity’s, there were : Cranberry Coins, Money Making lemonade, Paper Mache Piggy Bank, Coin Rubbing, Penny Trade Game, Money Sticks and Shiny Coins Experiment. Most of the items you need for each project you have to get yourself, there were only a few things that you needed included in the box. So this box is best read through before giving to your child has you will need to make sure you have everything ready.

Cailtin really enjoyed doing the things in the box, but some of the things, mainly the cooking ingredients, we didn’t have, so she had to wait for me to buy these in. I really like the idea of these boxes and the fact that each project has its own card. But for £21 the price is very high, as basically you are just paying for instructions and just a few craft materials which cost less than £3. So overall, I really like the ideas and the projects and Caitlin did learn from these, but for the price I would not purchase myself. I think the price should be more around the £5 mark.

Great activities, shame about the price.

My overall rating 


number bundle 1

number bundle 2


A friend gave me this Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub. It’s made with oats and shea butter and smells really lovely. I love to smother it on before I get into the bath, it leaves my skin feeling soft and lovely. This is £8.00 from Boots

My Overall rating


Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub - open

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub


I love using printable worksheets for my kids to use at home, especially through the holidays. *Twinkl have loads of different sheets, ideas and projects to print out. from pre-school up to teens! I have just printed some SAT test papers out for my eldest , Ryan (11), who will be taking his SATs this May. I have also printed these cute colour in foldable flowers that both Caitlin (6) and Aaron (5) made for me for Mother’s Day. Caitlin is also learning about money at school so I thought I would help her by printing out some money learning sheets. And the good think about Twinkl is that the school actually using this website too! So some of the sheets we have printed out, they have also done at school. We went in the other day and in Aaron’s class they are given a sheet of work to do every morning. When Aaron saw that it was one we had already printed out at home he was really excited, because he understood it straight away and did it with in seconds. He was so proud of himself that he did it without any help.

Twinkl is free to join, but with the free membership there are only certain things you can download. There are also subscription options starting from £2.50 a month which give you a much wider range to choose from and include free support 7 days a week and you can also create your own worksheets and have access to scheme of work and planning and assessment.

My overall rating 


twinkl flowers

twinkl review 3


*The Wicked Mega Bounce XL Ball won ‘2016 Outdoor Toy of the Year’ at the London Toy Fair 2016. The ball is priced at £20 and can inflated up to 80cm. The ball comes with a foot pump and took me about 10 minutes to pump it up. It also came with a tape measure so you can stop pumping once the arrows on the tape measure are touching. As I was pumping the ball up and it was getting bigger and bigger, In was getting scared that it was going to pop! I didn’t pump the ball up to its full 80cm and the ends of the tape were nowhere near touching, but I was just to scared to carry on, as the tube kept coming of the foot pump and I was really scared it was going to explode and the ball felt hard and really full. So I stopped short.

Caitlin went and played outside with it for a bit. It is very bouncy and even though we have a big back garden, we have a lot of prickly hedges and we was a bit worried that they might pop the ball, as we have had other balls pop before playing in the garden. This would be much more fun to take out and play in a big field.

After a while she bought it inside and started using it has a gym ball and trying to do some exercise on it. This soon turned into her messing bout and trying to belly roll over it on to the sofa. Her younger brother than tried to have a go and not before long they were trying to bounce it around the living room, so I had to take it off them.

Good fun to play in a field with, not so much if you have a small garden and for £20 I think it is very over priced

My overall rating 


mega bounce ball

mega bounce ball 2

mega bounce ball 3

mega bounce ball 4


*Bear Alphabites are made with just 6 ingredients : Oats, barley, wheat, corn, rice and coconut nectar. They have no refined sugar, salt, or any other nonsense. We received both flavours and my kids loved these. They are shaped in different letters and the kids had fun trying to spell out their names. These are much more healthier than the cereals they were previously eating, so we may be switching to these ones a lot more often.

My overall rating  


alpha bites


The *Sky Spinner is like a fancy frisbee. You can spin it on your finger at over 500 revs per a minute. You can do tricks and of course throw it like a frisbee. It’s priced at £10. Caitlin had a go playing with this, but lost interested after about a minute. She couldn’t do any tricks and found it hard, so wasn’t impressed with just spinning it and throwing it. I think this is properly better suited for an older kid who would want to learn so tricks. I think this will be a bit like the yo-yo face, kids will love it for a while, but soon get bored.

My overall rating


sky spinner

sky spinner 2


Have you tried any of these from my review round up? What is your favourite?

And if you have any reviews you would like to share, please feel free to add them to the link below. I also share all linked up reviews on Twitter.

Items marked with an * I have received in return for a review. All opinions are mine


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  1. Love the look of the Hirameki book by Peng & Hu. I’ve just started teaching myself how to draw and this looks like it would be good to boost the creativity. Also, must try the scrub out, love their sugar scrub, best one out there, so interested in giving it a try.

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