Craft Studio Books – 20 Creative Products in Each One



Thames & Hudson have just released a new series of books : The Craft Studio. The first four book came out in the shops yesterday.

The first 4 titles are :

  • Stamping & Printing – personalise items with home-made stamps and with various printing techniques
  • Brooches – make original and sophisticated brooches
  • Tote Bags – create and custom tote bags
  • Decorating with Pompoms & Tassels – customise objects for your home, from cushions and fridge magnets to wall hangings and rugs


Each book has 20 products to try out. They have different difficulty levels, but even the beginner can have a go at all of them. Each book is priced at RRP £9.95

The first thing that caught my eye about these books are their neon spines. They are just so pretty and look great on my bookshelf. The hardback cover and quality thick pages will mean that these book can withstand being buried under all your crafting materials as you try your hand had each project.


craft books 2

the craft studio books by Thames & Hudson

craft books 8


I love making pompom and often sell my pompom monsters on Etsy. I decided to have a look through this book first. It tells you how to make pompoms using the traditional method of using some pieces of card and also how to make them using a pompom maker. There are also instructions on how to make tassels. As I have never made tassels before, I was really surprised at how easy these are to make. So will be making loads of these soon. Some of the pompom projects include making a pompom cushion, pompom flowers and a pompom rug. For the tassels you could try out party tassels, tasselled napkins or even dipped dyed tassels. All look easy to make and give clear instructions.


craft books 7


This is from the Pompom and Tassel book, showing you have to make big blooms from tissue paper


craft books 6


I have never tried stamping before, but there are some really great ideas in the Stamping & Printing book. I really like the Raindrop doormat and the Little fish pillow. But my favourite it these stunning stamped knife and fork napkins.


craft books 4


I am not a big fan of brooches, but there are so many lovely ideas in the Brooches book. I really adore this cute little Fox brooch, he is just the sweetest.


craft book 5


And last but not least is the Tote Bag book. Again I have never designed my own tote bag, but it is something I have always wanted to try out. So now I have no excuse.  This shows you how to make your own tote bag from scratch using  unbleached cotton. But you could always cheat a little and buy a ready-made plain one and just jazz it up. The projects in this book include stamping, embroidery and sequins. I really love the sequins idea, and will have to try that. There are also templates at the back of the book for you to use, which is great!


Which book to you think you would like the most? What is your favourite craft project? Let me know in the comments

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I received these books in return for this post. All opinions are mine





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