My New Business Cards from AuraPrint

I have been blogging for 5 years this July but still haven’t got round to buying myself some business cards. Getting some business cards was on my list for this year so when Auraprint asked me if I would like to review some of their business cards I jumped at the chance. You just send them the artwork you would like or if you don’t have any they can create some for you, just tell them what you would like, along with any other details you would like to have included and what your core colour is, and they will get to work and design some business cards for you. Once they have created the cards they will send you over a draft via email. If you are happy they will print them out asap and send the to you via courier. If you not completely happy with the design, then no worries. The team will work with you to create your perfect business card.

I received my cards not long after and they came in a beautiful bright pink box, which was too pretty to throw away. So I am saving it to use as a gift box. Inside the box was my business card, placed in clear plastic boxes with lids. These are great for storing my cards in and I love that they are see through too.


business cards 3


I first asked when creating my cards if I could have them a very light pink with grey wording. But I was advised that the wording wouldn’t stand out so good so I would be better off having a white background with pink and grey detailing. Β Which I am so glad about, as I really love the look of them.

They have all my social media links on too. My pinterest one, I made before I even started blogging, when pinterest first came out. But I don’t want to change my name or url of it in case I lose any followers, so I am keeping that as it is.


business cards 4

business cards 5


As you can see, the back of my business cards are pink with my little grey tree and my url underneath.


aura business cards 1

aura business cards 2


And the best thing about these business cards are the thickness off them. They are like 4 pieces are thin card stuck together, making them extra thick and sturdy. And I also have the pink core colour running around them. Which I really love as it makes them stand out and look a bit different to other business cards.


business cards 6


If you are thinking about getting some new business cards for your bog or business, I highly recommend Auraprint business cards. Prices for business card start from Β£35. Not only do they make great business cards but they also design and make other things like leaflets, banners, stickers plus more.


Do you have any business cards, or are you thinking about getting any? Let me know in the comments


I received the business cards in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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