Appy Nickelodeon Character Drinks

A few weeks ago we were sent out these Appy Nickelodeon character drinks for the kids to try out. There has been a lot in the media about giving children juices because of their high sugar content and worries about rotting the children’s teeth. But these juice are healthier and are back by Change 4 Life campaign. The juices have 50% less sugar and calories compared to other kids juice drinks. Stevia is used instead of sugar and artificial ingredients. And a 330ml portion  counts towards a child’s 1 of 5 portions of fruit and veg.

The drinks have well-known Nickelodeon characters on the packaging which the kids love. We had Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig and the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. The flavours were orange & pineapple, tropical and apple & blackcurrant.


Appy Nickelodeon character drinks


What the kids thought

When the kids came home from school they couldn’t wait to try out the Appy drinks. They choose their favourite character, the Ninja Turtles. This flavour was the apple & blackcurrant one and they really enjoyed it. I had a taste myself and it was really nice and refreshing. You could tell it was watered down and not 100% pure fruit juice, which is full of sugar. So this is a great drink to have when the first get in from school to re-hydrate them and not just fill them up with empty calories. My kids do normally have plain water throughout the day and have juices with the breakfast and tea, but it’s nice to let them have a little treat now and again and these are great as the are much healthier than other drinks.


appy drinks 3

appy drinks 2




These are also great for lunch boxes. The kids have school dinners at school but when they go on a school trip and have to take a packed lunch, I normally buy them a fruit shoot or a carton of Ribena. But from now on I will be buying these Appy drinks has they are much more healthier and kinder on their teeth.

These drinks are available to buy from Tesco, Ocado, Whole Foods and Aldi

What drinks to you give your children? Would you swap them for these Appy drinks?


Appy Nickelodeon character drinks hamper


If you would like to try these out for yourself, enter via the rafflecopter below to win a lovely hamper of these drinks. Giveaway ends 11:59pm on Wednesday 20th April

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I received the drinks in return for this post all opinions are mine

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