Valentine Chocolate Hearts

Even though me and my husband don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (has he is at work) I am really starting to get in he Valentines mood. I have already started making treats for my kids starting with some yummy Marshmallow Valentine Pops. I couldn’t eat these as I am a vegetarian and marshmallows have gelatin in, so yesterday I made something that I could enjoy too. I came up with these Valentine Chocolate hearts. And the best thing about them, apart from them being so yummy, is that they are really simple, quick and easy to make. I like making simple things, anything complicated and it just makes up a complete mess when I make it.


valentine heart chocolates 4


All you need to make these are :


valentine heart chocolates 1


Start of by placing your sprinkles in the heart shaped mould. I used pretty pink ones.


valentine heart chocolates 2


Brake up just over half a bar of white chocolate and lace in a microwaveable bowl. Put in the microwave on a high heat for about 30 seconds. Give the chocolate a stir. If you need to melt it a bit more, just microwave for a few more seconds. Then add a few drops of the pink food colouring. Mix and then pour into the mould. I just over half filled each heart.

Rinse out your bowl and put the remaining white chocolate in and microwave till melted. Poor over the melted pink chocolate and fill to the top. Then place in the fridge to harden up.


valentine heart chocolates 3


When ready, simply pop out of the mould and enjoy!

And has you can see from my photos below, I was only able to photograph 4 of the 10 chocolate I made, as the kids pinched them! So if you have kids like mine, make sure you make a big batch so you get a look in.


valentine heart chocolates 4

valentine heart chocolates 5

valentine chocolate hearts Collage



What do you think of my Valentine Chocolate Hearts?

You can find more Valentine ideas here and find my Valentines Pinterest board here


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