I was sent The Fantasy Box way before Christmas, But I have found it hard making time to actually review it. The Fantasy Box is for couples to help them spice up their love live. And as you can imagine, with 3 kids in the house, work, cleaning, etc etc. It’s been hard just to find the right time to actually try the box.

The Fantasy Box team, did a study to find out more about people’s love lives. The results are below:

A new survey has revealed that one in three couples (32%) in a long term relationship or marriage have sex so infrequently now that they can’t remember the last time they had it, with one in ten (10%) even admitting to no longer having a sexual relationship at all.

The study by The Fantasy Box also shows that 61% of those surveyed admit to enjoying a better sex life in previous relationships, with over a third of couples (38%) aged 25-44 blaming family life getting in the way, and nearly half (49%) putting it down to not having the confidence to communicate regularly about their sexual fantasies desires.

For younger couples aged 18-25, work life priorities were cited as the most common reason (19%), and for the grey generation aged 55 plus, not feeling as fit as healthy as they once affected half (50%) of respondents.

Over a third (39%) also admitted to hiding their sexual fantasies from their current partner, stating also (38%) that they just don’t talk about sex anymore. Over a quarter also confessed to being scared of their partners’ reaction (27%) and suffering from a lack of confidence in the bedroom department (27%).

For those couples citing sex as the number one “elephant in the room” in their relationship, nearly a quarter (24%) felt there was not enough information on products and services out there out there to support affected relationships. Half of these of these respondents (50%) suggested they would consider trying dedicated date nights, with nearly one in five (18%) admitting to wanting to experiment more with sex toys to spice things up.

Mariah Byrne, the co-founder of The Fantasy Box said: “This research shows just how much our sex lives are suffering, and how much of an impact it’s having on the happiness of even

the most committed relationships. But it’s not that we don’t want it, we just don’t talk about what we really want!

“Our research showed that whilst a quarter (25%) of the UK have read 50 Shades of Grey, (raising to over a third for those couples aged 18-34) many more of us are too afraid to share our own fantasies with our partners or even talk about sex at all. It appears we’re happy to read about it, but when it comes to our own relationships, we take the stiff upper lip approach and become rather reserved!

“As a woman, I founded The Fantasy Box with my partner Chris with one mission – to bring back our happy sex lives! We believe that a happy sex life is one of the, if not the, most important elements in a happy long term relationship. And it all starts with talking to your partner, sharing what you really want, getting over the fear of rejection or embarrassment. And then doing it! So we started a subscription service that will not only help you take your intimacy to the next level, but also rediscover your relationship, inside the bedroom and out. Our aim is make monogamy the sexiest thing on the planet!”


Like many people who did the survey, I too find it embarrassing to tell my husband what I do and don’t like, in the bedroom department. I worry what he will say, and I think the it’s the same for him. The fantasy box can help with this, has there is a little questionnaire and also role play cards to follow,

The Box also is very discreet, so no one will no what is inside. And even when you first open it up, there is a black card over the top.


fantasy box 1

fantasy box 2


Inside the box was some follower and leader cards, his and hers questionnaire, a mini vibrator (with batteries), a blindfold mask, lucubration, a soy candle with pheromones and some lingerie (in your size)


fantasy box 3


The subscription box is £49 a month. But they also do Platinum boxes at £109 a month, and they do one-off boxes, based on themes.

The Fantasy Box is available in both the UK and the USA.

What do you think of this Fantasy Box?

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I was sent out the above box in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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  1. Thank you for the great review and the comments from everyone! We’re glad you like the concept. It’s definitely a luxury concept, with some really high quality products that give you a lot more value than you pay for but we will definitely look at the pricing. In the meantime, we’d love to offer everyone an exclusive 20% discount to try it – using the code ‘ShareTheLove’… Thanks again! alastair (https://uk.thefantasybox.com)

  2. Sounds intriguing
    Tis hard to talk at times about what you want but these beauties would help tremendously

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