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Welcome to my second review round up post. Where I will be sharing my reviews from items I have bought myself, won or been given, items marked with a * are items that I have been sent from pr company’s to review. I have also added a linky at the bottom of this post so you can also link up your review post too. If you share your review or this post on twitter please use hashtag #myreviewroundup so I can retweet you

And on with my reviews.


First up of these healthy fruit and veg drinks from *B.Fresh.  They come in 10 different flavour combos plus a limited edition one called #WinterWarmer.  They are made completely from fruit and veg, no additives or anything else added. I was sent out 4 to try. They were #TheOrangeOne #GreenGlow #TotalBeets and #SweetGreens.  The orange one is made from carrots and oranges and is nice a sweet. My daughter Caitlin (6) really loved this one and has asked me to buy it for her again. The total beets, you may have guessed is made from beetroot’s and lemon. Now if you are a fan of beetroot’s, you will love these one as it taste just like it!  But it does really taste like you are drinking an actual beetroot. The sweet greens is another one the kids may like, as this is also slightly sweet. But has for the Green glow, it a no no for me I am afraid. It is made up of lettuce, kale, cucumber, spinach, lemon and ginger. I had one sip and had to spit it out, it was vile. But I think that could be down to the fact that I don’t like cucumber or kale.

But over all these are a great alternative to fruit juice, with all that added sugar. These are available to by from their website, ASDA and Wholefoods.

My overall rating 


B fresh drinks


*Twistshake baby bottle comes with a mixer-net that prevents lumps in the mixture from clogging the teat and with every bottle a powder box is included for easy storage and meal preparation. The bottle comes in 3 sizes and 8 sparkling colours that can be combined so you can create your personal colour combination. Twistshake has an anti-colic valve, offers an appealing design, is easy to clean and easy to grip for the baby. I choose the bright pink one in the medium size. I really love this bottle and I have given it to my niece Heidi (7 months) to use. She can hold it easily and drink from it with no problems. My sister took her out to the local cafe and she got loads of compliments on the bottle, they had never seen such a pretty bright pink bottle before! What is also good about this bottle it that you can mix and match it with the other bottles so you could have a pink base, with a blue middle and a purple lid if you wanted to. My sister loves her new baby bottle and will be buying some more colours in the larger size.

My overall rating


baby bottle pink 1

baby bottle pink 2


I got to try out two of the flavours from the *Burts crisps lentil Wave range. These are both really nice. I really liked the Thai Sweet Chilli ones, but found the lighted salted ones a bit plain. But my kids like the lightly salted ones but not the sweet chilli. These are only a 20g portion, so you don’t get much in, but a bit healthier than normal crisps has they are made from lentil flour.

My overall rating


burts crisps


I received two *Crisp kitchen products from The Intercontinental Cooking and Tablewear Company, also know as ICTC. The products were a set of 3 strainers and a Strawberry slicer. The stainer come in 3 different sizes and fit in each other. They each have a different colour on them, so you know which is which. They have a raised non-skid base too, which is great, as normal strainers often roll around everywhere. They also come with a 7 year warranty, which is fab. The Strawberry slicer is heavier than it looks. You can fit more than one strawberry at a time on the slicer. This is great if you want to cut your strawberries really thin, especially if you like to have really nice food presentation.

My overall rating


crisp kitchen items


We received this book just before Christmas, but my daughter kept it hidden in her room from her brother and I forgot she had it! She has another one of these books from *The fairytale Hairdresser series and Caitlin (6) really loves them. The story is great and the illustrations are fantastic with lot’s to see.

On the night of the winter ballet – disaster strikes! With the help of some enchanted toys, her princess friends and some fabulous fairytale fashion, can the Kitty Lacey save the day? The Fairytale Hairdresser meets the Sugar Plum Fairy in this modern twist on the Nutcracker story

My overall rating 


fairytale hairdresser book 1

fairytale hairdresser book 2


I have made a few things with these *Mega Marshmallows already, like my Marshmallow Valentine Pops and my Marshmallow Snowmen. I haven’t tasted these myself, as I am a vegetarian and these contain gelatin, but all 3 of my kids love them.

My overall rating 




I won these yummy Lindt Lindor Chocolate from MyOffers facebook page. You get about 15 chocolates in a box, but I only had 2, has my kids and husband nicked most of them. These are my husbands favourite chocolates. They are really nice and with a creamy smooth filling.

My overall rating 


my offers winner photo


I have reviewed Stur drinks before, but this is the first time I have tried this flavour. I didn’t think I would like this at all as I am not a fan of coconut water, but the pr said it tasted like Pina Colda, and I love that, so thought I would give it a try. And she was right, it really does taste like Pina Colada. I really like this one and I think it’s my favourite out of all the *Stur drinks I have tried.

My overall rating 


stur 2



I was sent of 4 products from the *Cow and Gate Super Yummies range. Mixed Berries & Coconut Squeeze, Banana & Yoghurt Pieces, Apple & Orange Rice Cakes and Spinach Breadsticks. Caitlin tried the Squeeze out and she said it was delicious!! Both Aaron and Caitlin ate the Banana Pieces, but wasn’t so keen on the yoghurt pieces. I thought everyone would love the rice crackers, has we eat these quite often. But no, not one liked these at all, all 3 kids spat them out, saying they were horrible, even me and my husband didn’t like them. They are very sweet, too sweet, I’d say. The kids like breadsticks but were a bit put of by these because they are slightly green. When I told them that it was made with spinach, they all refused to eat them, without even trying them. Eventually I did get them to have a  little nibble, but they all agreed they were horrible. Me on the other hand really liked these and ate them dipped in some cream cheese. I think I’ll be buying these again, for myself.

My rating overall :

for the apple & orange rice crackers 

for the banana pieces 

for the spinach breadsticks and squeeze 


super yummies


And last but not least. I tried some Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate, Almonds and Cherry Granola. I loved the chocolate pieces in it, but the fruit pieces were very sweet. Too sweet for breakfast.

My overall rating 


Tesco Finest Chocolate, almonds and cherry granola


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