I can’t believe we are in February already! It only seems like yesterday it was Christmas. And Easter Eggs started appearing in shops over 2 weeks ago. So now is the time to get your Easter sorted. If you are fed up with all the chocolate you know your child is going to receive, then why not buy them something different this year. Playmobil have this fab Easter Bunny School play set, which I think is just so cute!!


playmobil easter bunny school play set


Easter Bunny School Set

The set comes with a grass base with pretty flowers and a tree with a bird’s nest in. Teacher bunny and his 2 bunny student, who each have their own rucksack and school book. There is a table and chairs for them to sit and do their school work. While bunny teacher has a poster to learn them all about foxes. This is a great little set and has so much detail. I love that you can always put the other Playmobil playsets we have together and make one large play area for the kids. It keeps them quite for ages.


playmobil easter bunny school play set


My favourite part of this set is the little bird in the tree with her nest full of eggs. And also the flowers. They are just so precious! You can also mix and match them too, so you can have red and blue flowers mixed together if you like. Caitlin (6) likes the student rabbits the most and pretend that the girl is her and the boy is her brother Aaron. Aaron (5) likes the Easter Eggs in the basket the most and say that they are the bunnies treats if the do well at school.

Here are some close up pics


playmobil easter set 3

playmobil easter set 4

playmobil easter set 5

playmobil easter set 6

playmobil easter set 7

playmobil easter set 8


Which is your favourite part of the set? Will you be buying your child an Easter toy instead of an Easter Egg this year?

Boo Roo and Tigger Too


I was sent this out to review as part of being a Playmobil Playologist. All opinions are mine

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27 comments on “Playmobil Easter Bunny School Set”

  1. This is adorable, my grandchildren would love this and the Easter basket is so cute! I like to give them a toy rather than chocolate and this would be perfect.

  2. My son adores Playmobil, I have never seen this set before, he would adore this. Thank you for telling us about it.

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