I love receiving our craft bundles from Yellow Moon, and this time it was Mother’s Day crafts. In this bundle we received :

  • Heart Jigsaw puzzle (pack of 8) £2.40
  • With Love Pets Cards (pack of 8) £1.99
  • Mother’s day Sand & Glitter Art Picture Sheets (pack of 6) £2.40
  • Heart Weaving Blanks (pack of 10) £1.99
  • Wooden Jewellery Hands (pack of 2) £2.40
  • Flower Craft Boxes (pack of 4) £2.99


first we stared with the heart jigsaw. We decided to colour each pieces a different colour and we also did some with hearts all over.


yellow moon - heart jigsaw

yellow moon - heart jigsaw 2


I loved the pet cards and these could be used for any occasion. Here’s my little girls cat car to me.


yellow moon cat card


These jewellery stands are great, but you can’t put to many heavy items on as it falls over. These come in a pack of two, Caitlin made this pink one below. I asked her if she was going to but some patterns on it or stick some gems on it, but she said “No, it looks just like my hand like this”.


yellow moon - hand


The Rosettes craft were really fun to make and so easy. The foam pieces come with stick-able backs, so just pull over and stick. The sequins need glueing on but the pack doesn’t come with glue. Fortunately we have loads of PVA glue. I made Caitlin (6) did the first two and Aaron (5) did the end one. These have a badge pin on the back, so you can then wear your rosette with pride.


yellow moon rosettes

yellow moon rostette


The sand and glitter picture art sheets where my favourite from the bundle. You simply peel a part off at a time and sprinkle ever sand or glitter on. We used glitter to make ours and the results were fab. Would love great placed in a frame and also make a lovely gift.


yellow moon - glitter card 3

yellow moon - glitter card 5

yellow moon - glitter card 2


Caitlin was so proud of her glitter art that she made for me!!


yellow moon - glitter card  mother's day crafts

yellow moon - glitter card 4



We still haven’t got round to doing the other crafts in the bundle has we have just been so busy lately. So I will share them on my Facebook and Twitter when we have completed them.


Which craft to you like the best? Have you tried any of these craft items from Yellow Moon yet?


I received the above craft items in return for this post. All opinions are mine





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