We have tried the Weekend Box before, but they now do a new type of box, The Mini Weekend Box. The original bumper box has 4 activities, while the Mini box has 2 activities. The theme of the box we received was ‘Rainforest’ and the two activity’s where to make a mini rainforest in a plastic bottle and make a parrot mask.

The boxes themselves have been re-designed and are now very bright and cheerful


weekend box 14

mini weekend box review


The boxes contain everything you need to make the activities, if you do need something of your own, it is clearly listed on the instruction sheets.


mini weekend box review


First up we did our rainforest. The only thing extra that we need for this was an empty plastic drinks bottle and a pair of scissors. Everything else, even the soil, was included.


weekend box 13

weekend box 12


I helped Caitlin (6), to cut the plastic bottle in half, then she placed the soil in the bottle and added some water and mixed it up until it became wet soil


weekend box 11

weekend box 10


we planted the seeds in the soil and placed water in the bottom half of the bottle with a piece of string between the two, so the soil can drink the water. This is now in our dining room window and we are waiting for the seeds to grow.


weekend box 9


Next up was our parrot mask. The only thing we needed for this was a pair of scissors. Caitlin, basically did this all on her own. The only thing I did was help her tie the elastic cord on.


weekend box 8

weekend box 7

weekend box 6


Didn’t she do a great job!


weekend box 4

weekend box 5


The box also contains some stickers and fun facts on the sheets about the rainforest. And you can cut the inside of the box to make a certificate, He she is colouring it and then she wrote her name. She actually wrote her name in joined up writing which she has only just learned. And I am very proud of her, because even I struggle writing in cursive.


weekend box 2

weekend box 1


I really like these boxes, they are so much fun and really affordable too.

This box (The Mini box) is just £4.95 including postage.  It gets delivered every 2 weeks. But there is no contract so you can cancel at any time, or ‘push back’ a box a week if you want.

The bumper box is £7.50 and contains 4 activities, you have the choose of receiving this every 2 weeks or monthly.

If you would like to try one of these Weekend Boxes for free – use the promo code NATASHA194 when signing up atwww.weekendboxclub.com

Future boxes will be £4.95 for our Mini Box and £7.50 for our Bumper box, but you can pause or cancel your boxes if you’re not completely satisfied at any time.

You can see my previous review of the Weekend Box here


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I received a mini weekend box in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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33 comments on “Mini Weekend Box Review”

  1. I Love boxes like these, sometimes you can be really stuck for ideas of activities to do but these are great to help with that

  2. I’m a bit rubbish at organising crafty stuff, so love these subscription craft boxes. The clever ideas, and the fact they already include everything you need makes them perfect for disorganised, time-poor people like me!!!! xx

  3. Still looking for birthday presents for my nephew -think this box is perfect
    Really good to fire his imagination

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