Marshmallow Snowmen

It’s freezing outside today and what better way to cheer myself by making some Marshmallow Snowmen. We have only had one day of snow so far this winter and it was only a little bit, not even for the kids to make a real snowman. So I thought I would make these cute marshmallow snowmen for them. I won’t be eating them as I am a vegetarian, but if you know anywhere that sells veggie friendly one, please let me know!


marshmallow snowmen 3 wm


To make these I used the Mega Marshmallows, these are the same kind I used to make my Marshmallow Valentine Pops, but you could always use smaller ones too,

Ingredients :

  • Marshmallows
  • Strawberry laces
  • Gel icing (I used yellow and red mixed together)
  • Chocolate ball sprinkles
  • Icing or melted chocolate (To stick the balls on)
  • a sprinkling of icing sugar


These are just so easy to make, the kids can even do them by themselves. Just get two marshmallows and place on top of each other. If you want you can stick these together with some melted chocolate or icing.

Wrap a strawberry lace around each one.

Mix the gel icing together, or just use orange. And shape into a carrot nose.

For the eyes, buttons and mouth I used little chocolate balls that came has a pack of sprinkles. I just places these on with a tiny bit of icing, or you could use slightly melted chocolate.

Place on a plate and sprinkle some icing sugar over the top so it looks like it’s been snowing.

Voila. A perfect winter treat.


The one below didn’t have a mouth, he’s just got a small dent. LOL


marshmallow snowmen 4 wm

marshmallow snowmen 2 wm

marshmallow snowmen 1 wm

marshmallow snowmen collage


Almost too cute to eat!

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