Heart and Butterfly Light Shade Review


I decorated Caitlin’s room last year, I still haven’t posted about this, I completely forgot. I only just remembered when I started to write this post. But before it was cream and beige. We decorated it while I was pregnant before we knew whether she would be a girl or a boy. But Last year she asked for us to change it pink, her favourite colour. So we did it pink and also used some special magnetic paint on one wall, which I will share with you in a future post. Pretty pink bedding, pink ballerina curtains. Everything was pink apart from her lampshade, which was still beige. So when asked to choose a light from Value Lights to review, this time I choose a pretty pink heart and butterfly lamp shade.

The hearts and butterfly’s are made from plastic and the ring holder is made from metal. This was really easy to fit. Just unscrew the bulb fitting, slide over and screw back on.


heart and butterfly light shade 4

Heart and butterfly light shade 3


It looks really pretty and when the light is turned on it let’s loads of light through. The shade she had before covered the bulb and when the light was turned on her room was still quite dark. This shade has made such a difference to the light in her room. It makes the room so much brighter and looks bigger. My little girl loves it. And so do I. I am very impressed with this. It costs ยฃ12.99 which I think is a great price.


light shade 1

light shade 2


Now I have one very happy little girl, but no my boys are moaning, as they want a new light shade too. So that looks like that’s next on my to buy list.

What do you think to this pretty light shade? What do your kids currently have?

I received the light shade in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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