With the weather absolutely horrible at the moment, all rainy and cold what better way to cheer yourself up by cuddling on the sofa with either a good book or film and a nice warm drink. Horlicks have a light chocolate drink malt drink with is just perfect. I hate going out when the weather is like this and it’s just so dark and miserable out there. I suffer with depression and January and February are my worst months. I try to look after myself a lot during these two months by just doing things that make me happy. So lot’s of reading, films, adult colouring books and enter quite a few giveaway and competitions. Β Work often takes a back seat, so being self-employed is just perfect for me as I can take the time off whenever I need it.

win a limited edition Horlicks bundle #GreyFebruary


So if you are like me and need to take time out and relax and just have some me time, enter this giveaway to win a limited editionΒ Horlicks mug, tin and coaster set (not available to purchase) as well as a 500g tub of Horlicks Chocolate Light. To enter just fill in the rafflecopter widget below.

The giveaway ends 11:59pm Monday 29th February 2016

Open to the UK Only

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168 comments on “Grey February Giveaway – Win a limited Edition Horlicks Set”

  1. I have twin boys who are 3 and i work full time, when i get chance i like a nice candle lit bath with a nice glass of wine x

  2. Take sometimes before bedtime for some pampering and reading to relax body and mind. I always read something positive before bedtime

  3. My favourite way for down time is reading psychological thrillers and reflecting on my day putting it to rest so I can sleep peacefully- making mental notes of what I need to do the day after so I don’t feel bombarded all at once-of course I do like my horlicks and a few chocolate biscuits too

  4. I like to take a mug of tea to bed and catch up on the long list of tv programmes that I record, but struggle to get the chance to watch

  5. I like to chill out in bed and listen to soothing music, and I’ll do 5 minute mindfullness meditations sometimes just to clear my head.

  6. I’d like to go away to a hotel with Spa. Then I could chill out and relax. Having a truly relaxing experience and delicious food, not having to do the hard work of shopping, cooking, clearing up etc.

    What I do is try to find a quiet space, and read a good book.

  7. Having a nice fun play and snuggle session with me cats and dog followed by a nice cup of coffee with nothing else existing in the world for 10 minutes!. Dxx

  8. Absolutely love a Horlicks before bedtime after a long days work. It’s creamy mild texture helps me to melt into my sofa and relax all night.

  9. A walk or some time in the gym followed by a hot shower, sit down and large cup of tea (possibly with biscuits to even out the exercise)

  10. Hot bubbly bath, mug of Horlicks and make sure kids are watching a film so dont feel the need to come in all the time lol x

  11. Well I can’t get in the bath anymore as I’m disabled but that used to be what I loved to do to unwind…..so now it’s get in my pj’s with a hot cuppa and relax on my recliner with a good movie

  12. Snuggled on the sofa with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate, entering online comps, watching Sex & the city or reading a good book.

  13. To relax I have a nice hot bath with lovely a bubble. I take my mobile phone in and listen to my favourite music on you tube while relaxing.

  14. Having a hot bath with my favourite bubbles and a glass of cold white wine and a good book and some candles or and with the door locked!

  15. I work full time so my chill out is to save some hours at work so that i can come home early one day maybe just an hour earlier and i can sit in the house before anyone comes home and treat myself to either reading a book, painting my nails or just listening to the peace & quiet!!!

  16. we go on regular spa breaks. the spas in gran canaria are amazing. more generally – a long hot soak with my favourite playlist.

  17. Once the kids have gone to bed, I watch my soaps, have a soak and sit in bed reading or surf the web etc, no tv just peace and quiet

  18. My favourite way is to curl up in bed with something good on tv, a bar of chocolate, mug of hot chocolate and a couple of dogs to cuddle!

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