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Looking for a lovely gift for you mum this Mother’s day, try looking on I Just Love it. They have loads of fabulous personalized presents. You can find my past review on their Personalized Adult Colouring Book here. Today I will be sharing with you the Cakes & Rings Birthday & Anniversaries book and Little Bird Address book.


address and birthday book 7


The Birthday & Anniversary book is really fun and bright. It can be personalized with your name on the front and also a message on the inside. It’s spiral bound makes it easy to flick through straight to the month you need and makes writing in it easy.


address and birthday book 2


On the first few pages are things like the signs of the zodiac, birth flowers, births stones and wedding anniversary gifts.


address and birthday book 6


Each date has 4 lines each to note down all your family and friends birthday, anniversary’s and any other special occasions. Each month has a different colour and there is a note section at the end of every month section.


address and birthday book 5


As with the birthday book, the address book can be personalized with your name on the front and a message on the first page. each section is listed in two, so A and B together, C & D, and so on.

There is space to write name, address, postcode, home number, work number, mobile number and fax number.Along with an email address. This is perfect for me. and really pretty and great to keep by the phone


address and birthday book 1

address and birthday books 3


The birthday book is £12.99 and the address book is £9.99. Both would make a lovely gift for anyone.


Do you keep a birthday & anniversary book? Do you have an address book, or are all your numbers stored electronicly?


I received the above books in return for this post. All opinions are mine


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