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I get offers everyday to review products. I have so many requests that it is impossible for me to accept them all. but I have come up with the idea of my monthly review round-up posts, where most of the review items I receive will all be shared on one post. I will still have some single review posts, but for the small items, they will all be here. I will also be sharing my reviews from items I have bought myself, won or been given, items marked with a * are items that I have been sent from pr company’s to review. I have also added a linky at the bottom of this post so you can also link up your review post too. If you share your review or this post on twitter please use hashtag #myreviewroundup so I can retweet you

And on with my reviews.


First up is *Tickler cheese from Castello. It is a mature cheddar and I used it in my Baked Bean Chilli recipe. It was really nice but I found cheaper ones tastes the same. I did like the wax packaging it came in though, kept the cheese fresh. This is only available at Waitrose.


castello cheese 1


*The Original Funky Mailing Bag are a great way to send your parcels, no more boring grey mailing bags. These come in around 9 different patterns. I was sent out the presents mailing bags. They come in 3 different sizes and are made from high quality material and they are bio-degradable. They have space on the front to write the address and also have space on the back to write the senders address. You can buy these bags individual direct from the website or in packs of 6 or 12 from Staples and some UK post offices. Prices start from 94p a bag, Which I think is quite expensive. I often post things out and buy pink mailing bags that cost around 24p for the same size, BUT I do think you get what you pay for as these are also bio-degradable, and the ones I currently buy are not. These are also better quality. I think I will stick to my current mailing bags for small items and maybe buy these ones for items that are bigger or more expensive.


mailing bags


I love candles, I just can’t get enough of them. So when I saw this in Tesco when I was doing my shopping I couldn’t resist buying it. It was only 75p, bargain! I loved the little tin it was in. The smell was supposed to be lavender and jasmine, but you could only smell it if you pt you nose near enough next to the flame. It only burned for a few hours and was a big disappointment. I suppose that’s what you get for just 75p though.


tesco Lavender & Jasmine candle


I have used *Very Lazy before. I sometimes buy the chopped garlic has it’s just so easy to use, no peeling or chopping. Just open the lid and spoon some out and use in your recipe. I was sent my favourite out along with chopped ginger and grated ginger. I have used the grated ginger in a few currys, but so far not used the chopped ginger. I am not a big fan of ginger, so I only like a little. But these are great products to use when your cooking to save you time and smelly and sticking fingers too. Will be buying again. I have also seen that they do a chopped red chillies, I will have to try that one.


very lazy products


My husband loves pistachios, but I am not a fan, I prefer cashew nuts. So my husband tried these out for me just before Christmas. *Wonderful Pistachios come in 4 different flavours, Sweet Chilli, Salt & Pepper, Roasted Salted and Roasted Unsalted. My husband wasn’t keen on the sweet chilli ones, I think this is because he prefers hot chilli to the sweet type. His favourite were the salted ones. These are around £2.00 for a 115g pack and available from Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett


wonderful pistachios


My first Yankee candle wax melt. I brought this on offer a few months ago but only just tried it just before Christmas. It only cost me £1.20 and the small of black cherry is so nice. I have used this loads of times and the smell is just has good has the first day I bought it.


yankee candle wax melt black cherry


Rogue by Rihanna is the first perfume I have by the singer. My husband bought this for me for Christmas. I really like the bottle and the smell is lovely. The smell is quite strong at first but then settles down to a more seductive scent which I loved. It lasts a long time too. One of my favs.




*Whoosh! is the perfect cleaner for your tablet, laptops, phones and TV. Simply spray and wipe, cleans instantly and leaves no smudges or marks. With 3 kids who each have their own tablets and leap pads they are constantly getting their screens dirty with their mucky fingers. This product is brilliant and I have been using it all the time. Would recommend. Whoosh is available to buy on-line from Staples.




That’s it for this month. will be back next month with more products to share with you. In the meantime I would love to see what you have been reviewing, so just link up your posts below and if you use hashtag #Myreviewroundup in your tweets, I will re-tweet for you.

If you do link up below I would also be very grateful if you could comment on a least one other and use the hashtag #myreviewroundup


Items marked with an * have been sent to me to review. All opinions are mine

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23 comments on “Review Round Up – January”

  1. I love those jars of garlic and ginger, they look brilliant for lazy sods like me! Lol. Those mailing bags also look lovely too, a bit expensive but perfect if you’re posting a present x

  2. This is a nice idea, I often turn down reviews so I like the idea of a roundup post. I am a huge fan of Yankee candles having only recently discovered them. I love the fact that they last so long. I’ll have to try the wax melts.x

  3. I’ve seen those Very Lazy pots in supermarkets and really need to invest in them as they’re so handy for cooking and work out cheaper than buying the ingredients often!

    • Hi Charlotte. You need a wax burner. You place the was melt in the top and a tea light candle underneath and the heat from the candle melts the wax giving of a lovely smell

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