Give your kitchen a face lift!

Like it or not we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If that’s the case, we might as well make it place we enjoy spending time! Here’s how to make your kitchen feel loved and give it a well needed face-lift!

Clear away clutter

Clutter is the nemesis of a busy family. Clearing surfaces is boring, but necessary so buy some proper storage and move the dumping ground away from kitchen surfaces.

Storage is pretty inventive now but if there isn’t room for more have a good clear out of a kitchen drawer. Do you really need a drawer of napkins, place mats that only come out at Christmas, envelopes, batteries, cat nip and that grey fluff?

Put all Christmas stuff in the loft and use the spare drawer for surface clutter. Or find some good cabinet storage to set it out neatly.

There’s nothing like the pleasure of closing that drawer and surveying the pristine lines and corners of your work surface.

give your kitchen a face lift

Replace door handles

It’s surprising what a difference this little touch makes. Those greasy jobs from 15 years ago won’t do.

Stainless steel looks more modern than gold if that’s the look you’re after, but ceramic handles, antique forks and quirky dangling ropes are all available.

Paint The Kitchen Red

Not necessarily red, but even if your kitchen looks whiter than snow, it probably needs a refresh.

Oils, burning toast and all those cooking wafts seep into your walls, so give them a good re-fresh at least once a year with a wipe-proof paint.

If you fancy it you can paint your cupboard doors too. Clean them first with sugar-soap and use a primer so they don’t peel after a month.

New Lighting

A rope light under the kitchen cabinets is a quick and simple trick that enhances the whole room, but if you want something a bit more substantial an Axo light is the way to go.

Wipe your lights each month to keep them sparkling. Bacon fat is a terrible thing on your light fittings.

Decent Flooring

There’s little more horrible than a sticky crunchy floor, particular on bare feet. Because a kitchen is the food preparation area, and sometimes the food eating area too, it needs to have a hygienic floor that’s easily cleaned.

There are several options from expensive and gorgeous to cheap and gorgeous.

  • Stone or tile flooring. Stone and tile flooring turns your kitchen into a country magazine centrefold. It’s hard-wearing, easy to mop up spillages and will last literally forever. On the downside it can be cold and costs a bit.
  • Lino. It’s not only the ‘various shades of the vomit’ stuff you walked on at school now. Modern lino comes in all colours from bright, modern shades through to faux-tile and marble. It’s easy to lay and is competitively priced. If you’re thinking of selling up in the future lino is a cheap way to quickly spruce up the kitchen.


Invest in a colour-matching toaster, kettle, microwave and chopping board for an avalanche of ‘you look like a professional chef’ comments even when you’re just pouring water on a hot chocolate.

kichen - toaster and kettle

A bowl of bright green limes and yellow lemons provides a focal point in the kitchen, distracting visitors from dirty breakfast dishes and the ‘soaking’ two day old lasagne tray. If you point a spotlight at the lemons and limes they’ll reward you with a pop of colour. Lampcommerce have all kinds of top-notch lights including spotlights and wall lights suitable for kitchens.

Feel Better?

Once you’ve done the kitchen brace yourself and tackle the living room too, because a clean and welcoming environment does wonders for your mood and can improve your health.

There’s no reason to turn away visitors now – unless you’re still in your dressing gown.

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