I have been taking part in the Kalms Night ‘Wake up Ready’ campaign to see how my sleep performance impacts on my daily life. Around 1 in 3 people in the UK is affected by poor sleep and as sleep is important for good health, emotional and psychological well-being, and even weight control it vital that we try to get good quality sleep every night and sleep better.



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Signs of poor sleep/sleep problems include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Light or restless sleeping
  • Waking often
  • Lying awake
  • Waking early

In terms of performance, poor sleep can contribute to;

  • Feeling groggy and lethargic during the morning
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Becoming accident prone
  • Spilling things, dropping things, bumping in to people
  • Increased irritability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Feeling drowsy during the day
  • An inability to switch off from the problems of the day
  • Feeling the need for caffeinated or sugary drinks


I kept a recorded of my sleep and how I felt the next day for a week. I used a scale of 1 -3 , 1 being poor sleep or poor performance the next day and 3 being a good nights sleep and a good day the next day.

Here’s how I got on :

Day one  –  Sleep 2 – performance 1

Day two – Sleep 1 – Performance 1

Day three – Sleep 2 – Performance 2

Day four – Sleep 3 – Performance 3

Day five – Sleep 2 – Performance 3

Day six – Sleep 1 – Performance 2

Day seven – Sleep 1 – Performance 1


Has you can see, it seems that there is a connection to how well I perform and feel through the day depending on how well my sleep was the night before. I don’t have any difficulty falling asleep, my problem is that I am constantly waking through the night. Often thinking about things or feeling achy. And the nights when I have a rubbish nights sleep, the next day I found it hard to get myself out of bed as I was still tired. I didn’t feel like doing anything, just sitting down and watching telly, I felt irritable, forgetful, unable to concentrate on things, felt like eating rubbish and also got headaches and felt achy in my back, neck and shoulders.

On day four I had a great nights sleep. My husband gave me a nice back and neck massage as I was feeling achy and stressed. I fell asleep instantly and didn’t wake up one until the next morning. I also had a great day that day. I felt relaxed and full of energy. I tidied the house up while in a really happy mood and came up with loads of great blog ideas.

I have found that having a nice bubble bath, followed by some hot milk or hot chocolate while reading a good book, helps me to stay asleep longer without waking up so much.


10 Things You Can Do To Sleep Better

Try these lifestyle changes and you might find a good night’s sleep a lot less elusive. For some people it could be enough to fully address their sleeping problems.

1. Always get up at the same time – even at the weekend. It might seem like you need a lie in to make up for the sleep you haven’t got, but to break a cycle of sleeping problems you need to train your body into a good sleeping pattern.

2. Avoid catnaps during the day. It’ll only make it harder to get into good sleeping habits.

3. Replace caffeine and alcohol with hot milky drinks. Alcohol won’t help you sleep properly. If you are having trouble cutting out caffeine, set yourself a time in the day past which you don’t have it.

4. Unwind with a hot bath and lavender bubbles. Both will aid sleep by helping you feel more relaxed.

5. Exercise during the day. Exercising at night will actually make you more awake and you’ll find it harder to get to sleep.

6. Get to bed at the same time every night. It’ll help your body prepare itself for sleep.

7. Make your bedroom a shrine to sleep. No TV, no smart phones!

8. Alleviate your worries. Try writing them down before you go to bed.

9. Try a traditional herbal remedy. Valerian root has been used for centuries due to its natural sedative effect.

10. Don’t lie there frustrated. If you can’t sleep, get up and do something (non strenuous) for a while.


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10 comments on “Wake Up Ready with Kalms and Sleep Better”

  1. Great tips – I have used Kalms in the past. I don’t sleep too badly, but I do need eight hours a night, and with blogging and a three year old it sometimes doesn’t happen. Kaz x

  2. It’s 8am and I’ve been awake for about 3 hours. I need this post!

    The ‘no phones/tablets’ in the bedroom is probably a great rule but I find it too difficult to stick to it. Right. Off for a snooze!

  3. I am suffering with pregnancy insomnia at the moment, I am hoping it will get better when I finish work in 8 weeks time!! As I partly think all that going round in my head doesn’t help. I like the tip about not lying their frustrated as I often find if I get up and do whatever it is I am thinking about I can normally drop back off again. Hope your sleep continues to improve x

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