3 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Facelift

There’s little worse than a living room that looks like a Dickensian novel.

Somewhere among the mountain of takeaway cartons and pile of unwashed dishes, you can hear your faithful feline scratching and meowing as she attempts to rid your space of an unwelcome mischief of mice.

Your carpet is nothing but a distant memory, visitors are typically turned away at the front door, kids run past your home screaming about the crazy cat lady, and Kim and Aggie would struggle to make any cleaning headway.

Something has to give.

While the above is obviously a magnificent exaggeration, if your living room isn’t given the TLC it deserves, it can quickly become a space where you and your family are reluctant to spend any quality time.

To avoid such a scenario, here are three easy ways to give your living room a facelift …


Give your living room a facelift


Rearrange Your Furniture

It sounds obvious, but one of the easiest ways to give your front room a new lease of life is by shifting the furniture around. Indeed, you’d probably be amazed just how different your outlook will be after you put your back into it.

Before you do, however, make sure you have a plan of attack. After all, you want to avoid moving your couch into a position where you can barely see the telly, so try to sketch out where you want everything to be prior to any heavy lifting.

Buy a New Sofa

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. Think about how long you spend glued to the couch each week. Wouldn’t it be much better if this time spent lounging around was done on a sofa that caressed your buttocks like the soft hands of an angel? Of course it would!

With that in mind, we recommend splashing out on Chesterfield sofas for your living room. Why? Because they not only look GREAT, but the handcrafted nature of these suites means you’ll enjoy many years of unrivalled style and comfort.

Create a Focal Point

There’s no doubt that every living room needs a focal point – if only to avert peoples’ eyes away from the mess. However, it has to be something that not only catches the eye, but leaves your friends agog at its magnificence.

Whether it’s an expensive coffee table, an unusual ornament or a strange looking painting you paid an arm and a leg for, it must have the wow factor AND jive with your living space.

Now it’s your turn …

Do you have any other ways our readers can give their living room a quick and easy facelift? Please let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.


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2 comments on “3 Easy Ways to Give Your Living Room a Facelift”

  1. I really do need to buy a new sofa, because I know it will give my home an entirely different feel! And, I would like my buttocks caressed by an angel (: Haha, thanks for the great post!

  2. Thank you – I’m sick of my living room, but can’t afford a new sofa at present. Will try and re-jig the furniture and see if it makes it feel newer!

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