I have heard of the Wicked Uncle toy website but never bought anything from there before, or even visited it to be honest. When I saw them tweet a message on twitter asking for bloggers to review them, I thought this was a great chance to see what they was all about. The toys are sorted by either Boy/girl or by age. They also sort them boy categories such has adventure, outdoorsy and brainiac. The first thing I noticed when looking through the site was the lack of toys like barbie dolls and plastic toys and all those toys you see advertised on the TV. The toys on wicked Uncle where much more educational, which I really loved! Just go to Wicked Uncle and enter ‘doll’ in the search box. What do you see? No plastic barbie dolls with big boobs and tiny waists, no dolls that are covered in make-up and high heels. You will instead find rag dolls and wooden dress up dolls. The way toys used to be and should be. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter has barbie and play make-up, but I would much more prefer her to have these kinds of toys.

Anyway, I choose 3 items that I liked the look of and checked out. It was really easy to check out and you also have the option of having your present gift wrapped in a choice of different papers and they also do handwritten cards.

The 3 items I chose where, Story Cubes, Eat Sleep Doodle Place Mats and some yummy chocolate penguins 


wicked uncle review 1


First up, is the chocolate penguins. These are caramel milk chocolate and come in a pack of 8 for £4.95. I was expecting a caramel cream in the middle, but they were solid chocolates that tasted like caramel. They were nice, but not amazingly nice. I enjoyed eating them, but wouldn’t buy them again for the price.


wicked uncle review 2


Then it was on to the Story Cubes. I have seen these once before, but not sure where. They are a pack of 9 dice with different pictures on each side and the idea is to shake them all up and throw them and then you have to try to make a story from the pictures showing.


wicked uncle review 3


The kids really loved these. There are some really great pictures and you can also buy more themed packs to make up more stories. I have seen a medic pack and a magic pack. These are £9.95, you may think these are a bit pricey for dice, but they are really great fun and very high quality. Also the box the come in is great quality with a magnetic fasten. I highly recommend these. great for using at bedtime instead of reading a story book too.


wicked uncle review 10

wicked uncle review 11


And last but not least and also my favourite item was the Doodle Placemats. These come in a set of 4 with washable fabric pens and is priced at £19.95.  Again at first I thought the price was a bit high, but you can wash these when you have completed them and start all over again, so you can use them has many times as you like.

Basically you just draw on them and make your on placemat. This is a great idea for something for the kids to do while they are waiting for their dinner to be made. It comes with 10 pens, that are double ended with a fine tip at one side and a thicker tip at the other.


wicked uncle review 4


Here is my little go at it


wicked uncle review 6


Caitlin (6) doing it slow and keeping inside the lines


wicked uncle review 7


Caitlin’s mat half way through. The bottom is smudged has she tried to wipe it out with water, I have to explain to her you wash them in the washing machine to start again. She thought she could just rub a bit of water on it.


wicked uncle review 8


And Aaron’s (5) finished placemat. I really love the chameleon, looks so good! I can’t actually believe he draw this all by himself! And the bottom right hand corner is a swimming pool. He is just so imaginative. There are also a lot of carrots.


wicked uncle review 9


Really glad I choose these doodle mats, and I will be having a look on Wicked Uncle at some of the other items in the doodle range.

I am really glad I was asked to review Wicked Uncle, as I know I will be buying from there again. Love their range of toys. And they also do a birthday reminder. You just sign up and let them know the age of the child or children and near their birthday they will send you an email with some suggestion for their age. Which I think is great for uncles, aunts and grandparents who find it hard to buy presents.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too

I received the above items in return for this review. All opinions are mine

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  1. Love the idea of the placemats, mine all get bored whilst waiting for me to serve the dinner, these may keep them occupied for at least five minutes!
    Thanks for linking up to #toytuesday

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