You must have seen Vision Direct first ever Christmas advert ‘A Pug’s Christmas’, the one with the cute little pug dog with glasses. It’s my favourite ad this year, let alone just this Christmas. He is just so adorable!


Vision Direct - A Pug's Christmas - cute adorable Gizmo - dog with glasses


‘A Pug’s Christmas’ ad tells the story of a young boy and his very cute but short-sighted pug, Gizmo. Gizmo’s glasses keep getting in the way of their fun and his family decide to buy him some contact lenses. This is to let everyone know that you can order lenses from Vision Direct until 21st December to receive them in time for Christmas.

you can watch the video below


And after the success of their Christmas video, Vision Direct have released a follow-up video, interviewing the star of the video, Gizmo, himself.

Ashley Mealor, Chief Marketing Officer at Vision Direct, said: “We wanted to give viewers of our Christmas ad another light-hearted, playful video to enjoy. Gizmo was a lot of fun to work with and we couldn’t resist giving him a little more screen time.”

See the interview with Gizmo below


I bet you have now fallen in love with little Gizmo, just like I have


Vision Direct A Pug's Christmas Ad


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