I was sent some books out from Penguin Random House to take a look through and review. There was a Christmas colouring book , a kids book and a classic.

  • Escape to Christmas Past – A Colouring Book Adventure
  • The Dinosaur that pooped the Past
  • The Snowman


penguin random house books


The Escape to Christmas Past colouring book is smaller than my other colouring books I have, but it’s a great size still. it has over 80 pictures to colour and is great for both adult and kids alike.  Her are some of the pictures you can colour.


penguin publishing books 2

penguin publishing books 3

penguin publishing books 4

penguin publishing books 5

penguin publishing books 6


Her’s my finished Christmas tree. The pages were quite thick and the pens didn’t run through to the other side, but the colour did run. My hand was covered in green pen when I had finished. And I know it’s not the pens I used, has I use them all the time. So it must have been the paper. You just have to use a plain piece of paper or tissue on your hand so you don’t smudge.


The Escape to Christmas past adult colouring book


I have heard of this dinosaur series of books before, but this is the first time we have read one. The Dinosaur that pooped the Past is fantastic. It had the kids in hysterics! Even I too was laughing when the poo went everywhere. Perfect for young kids who love toilet humour, literally


The Dinosaur that pooped the past book review


And last but not least, a classic, The Snowman. I have read this book, or should I say looked at this book (as there are no words) when I was little and I have seen the film, but I have never shared this one with the kids. They didn’t understand it at first and kept asking where the words where. When I explained that there was no words and you had to imagine the story from just the pictures, Caitlin (6) and Aaron (5) decided to make their own stories up.


The Snowman by Raymond Briggs book review

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs book review - Penguin Random House


Over all these are 3 great books, a little let down by the colouring book with the pens smudge, but still like it. The Dinosaur that pooped the Past is our favourite and I will be going to the library after Christmas to look for the other books in the series.


I received the above 3 books in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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4 comments on “Great Books for Christmas from Penguin Random House”

  1. Great selection of books. I’ve never tried a colouring book but it always seems very therapeutic. We love the Dinasour That Pooped series in our house. Lots of giggles for parents and little ones x

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