I have recently just tried out some yummy veg from Mash Direct, the perfect sides to your Christmas dinner this year. I was sent out 4 different products to try out

We tried them all at tea time served with some chips.


mash direct vegetables

mash direct veg 1


I am the only one that likes parsnips in our house, everyone else thought they were horrible. I loved them, but I think I should have left them a bit longer in the over.

The carrot and parsnip mash was nice, The kids said they liked it but all changed their mind after a few bites of it. I thought it was quite nice, but a bit lumpy, I would have preferred it more if it was smoother.

I didn’t think I would like the red cabbage and beetroot, as I have tried beetroot before like this and hated it. But to my surprise, I actually liked it. It had a sweet taste to it, which I enjoyed. my husband couldn’t make his mind up about it, one minutes was saying “this is nice” then the next “no, I don’t Like it”. Kids didn’t like it either. But this came as no surprise either as they are all not big fans of veggies. The just like peas, carrots and cauliflower. As I am a vegetarian I love my veg so quite liked these Mash Direct vegetables. Would buy the honey roasted parsnips again and maybe the red cabbage & beetroot now and again.

You can see my past review on some more Mash Direct products and Veggie burgers here


I was sent the above Mash Direct products in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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