When I was asked if I would like to review some superhero & princess costumes from Play and Party  I had to say yes, as my little girl, Caitlin (6) just LOVES dressing up. I asked if I was allowed to get one for each of my kids, so none of them felt left out. I let Caitlin and Aaron (4) choose their own. Aaron went for Captain America and had to have one with a shield (to fight off the baddies, he said) and Caitlin went for the Merida costume from Brave. Which I was surprised about has she has been asking me for a Cinderella costume for ages, and they had load’s of lovely Cinderella dresses to choose from. I choose Ryan’s (10) as he wasn’t home, I went for a batman cape and mask. Most of the costumes go up to size 8-10 years, and with Ryan already being 10, I thought some of the costumes might be a bit tight on him. So the cape would fit no matter what.

Every day when I went to fetch them from school I was met by the same question from Caitlin. “Is my costume here yet?”

She just couldn’t wait! And when they did arrive, they tried them on as soon has we got through the door back from school.

Here are my 2 superheroes and princess.


dressing up costumes 1


Aaron’s costume is a perfect fit. I ordered age 5-6 years, has he was turning 5 that weekend and he is fairly big. It come with a mask and a shield. And he loves it.

Caitlin has only just turned 6 last month, but even though she is quite small, I thought I would be better off getting the bigger size. So I went for a 7-8, as I thought the size 5-6 wouldn’t last that long. It is slightly too big on her shoulders, but she’s not bothered. She really loved that it cam with a tiara too.

Ryan’s Batman cape is great as well. It comes in just one size and is suitable for ages 6+. He loves his costume too. So three very happy children.

The Capitan America Costume is priced at £18.97

Merida Costume is priced at £19.97

The Batman Mask & Cape is priced at £8.97


dressing up costumes 1

Superhero & Princess Costumes review

dressing up costume 3


Overall I think these are really great value for money, They are well made and of high quality.

Play and Party have both kids and adult costumes along with loads of accessories. My favourites are the Avatar costumes. They look great!

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Family Fever

I received the above costumes in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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