We love Orchard Toys in our house, I may have said it before. And as part of being one of their blogger ambassadors I was sent out the new updated shopping list game. We already have this game and I brought if for the kids a few Christmases ago. But Orchard toys have updated it, with new items on the list and even the list them self looking a lot more modern


shopping list game 1


The set if suitable for up to 4 players, Each having a trolley or a basket that they have to fill with the items on their shopping list.

Some of the newly added items are the toy monster, game and curry sauce!


shopping list game 2

shopping list game 3


Each player has to take it in turns to turn over one of the item cards, If it is on your shopping list you get to put it in your trolley. The first one to fill their trolley or basket wins!!

This is a great game for learning the kids about different food types and what foods are healthy and what are not.


shopping list game 4


This would make a great little Christmas pressie, and that’s why I am giving one of these games away to one of my lucky readers. All you have to do is enter via the gleam widget below. Remember that the blog comment entry is mandatory, If you don’t complete this one, all your other enterys will be void. The giveaway is open to the UK only and closes at 11.59pm on 2nd December

Shopping List Game


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I was sent out the above game in return for this post. All opinions are mine

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180 comments on “Updated Shopping List Game + giveaway”

  1. We own the old Shopping lost Game! It is rather knackered and worn now through use so we would love the new version! We also have the Old MacDonald Lotto and Christmas Surprises!

  2. We have the post box game by Orchard Toys. It helped my little boy learn his colours. Bananas are always first on our shopping list!

  3. Yes we love Orchard toys, such as where’s my cupcake? They also make great gifts for birthdays. On our shopping list is usually milk but the first things in our trolley tend to be the fruit and veg (as it is first in the supermarkets if you avoid the offers when you go in!)

  4. I’ve bought my twins crazy chefs for Christmas. They’re 3 this December so will hopefully enjoy playing games together as a family.

  5. Never tried Orchard Toys, but look great – will have to consider them.
    First on supermarket list is Salad things – make the list in order of the shop and fresh Salad and veg are always on the first aisles

  6. Do you own any Orchard Toys? What item is always first on your shopping list . . . . . . .not yet . . . . . and top of my shopping list is usually bread and/or milk

  7. We have the Ladybird Counting Game & the Space Rocket game. First on my list is always bananas…we go through hundreds a week!

  8. We don’t own any, mine haven’t been into board games yet, will be looking at some for xmas though. milk and bread is always on my list.

  9. I don’t own any Orchard Toys but, wow, this game is super cute! The first thing on my shopping list is always yogurt. Thank-you. πŸ™‚

  10. We own Bus Stop. It’s a bit old for my daughter, but she wanted it. Bagels seem to be on the top of our shopping list because we’re always buying them.

  11. We have lots of orchard toy games! Our favourite is the game compendium! It has 4 games in one! But not shopping list! My son played it around a friends house, it’s a fantastic memory game, he enjoyed playing it so much he popped it on his Christmas list!!
    The one item that’s always on my shopping list is milk! We go through A LOT!!

  12. yes We have Rockets & comets, Pop to the Shops, Fishing Counting Game and a couple of others. First on my shopping list is Baby Wipes!!

  13. We’ve owned several of the jigsaws. They’re really good and sturdy. I have a little list of essentials that are always at the top of my list which usually goes: milk, loo roll, washing up liquid.

  14. We have a box with multiple Orchard toys games – I think it’s called the compendium or something like that. Milk is always on my shopping list!

  15. I don’t own any of the games yet! Yogurts is always on the top of my shopping list for my little 2 year old. She loves them and they are good for her while she is growing. πŸ™‚

  16. We have the ‘Where’s My Cupcake’ game and the Incy Wincy Spider game too!
    Bread, milk, fruit and veg always on our list!

  17. we’ve got a few of their games, I can see checkout chase sat on the table from when we were playing earlier.

    1st on my shopping list is coffee

  18. We have the games compendium which is fantastic my girls love it and insey winsey spider and also old MacDonald game too love orchard toys! Great way to have fun and learn!

  19. I’ve ordered Tummy Ache, Shopping list and Crazy chefs for my daughter for Christmas. The first thing on my shopping list is always milk, we seem to drink gallons of it.

  20. Crazy chefs we make some odd meals. First on my list is salads as they are always in the front of most supermarkets we go to

  21. I don’t think we have any orchard toys games at the moment! Top of our shopping list is always breakfast cereal (we write the list in the order we come to things in the supermarket and that’s on the first aisle!

  22. Teddy bear game. the kids love it. My sister has loads more though, she is a child minder.

    Top of my shopping list is milk.

  23. Not got any Orchard Toys as yet but I would love to add them to Nan’s games cupboard for my younger grandchildren. Don’t tend to have a shopping list as give or take a few items it is the same every wek πŸ™‚

  24. We haven’t got any at the minute but I’ve been seeing them everywhere, I’ll definitely be getting some for Christmas presents! xx

  25. I don’t own any orchard toys yet, but i know my little girl would love this.
    First on my shopping list is Milk x
    Fantastic Giveaway! Thank you for the chance πŸ™‚

  26. we dont have any. but would love to win some for my son. my daughter used to get one home from nursery to play with every 2 weeks and they were great

  27. We have a few Orchard toys games. My daughter’s favourite is the 3 little pigs game (although she doesn’t understand how to play it yet). Milk is normally first on my shopping list.

  28. I cannot remember seeing any Orchard games at my grandchildren’s house but they might have some. Top of my shopping list is usually milk.

  29. The children have had many Orchard Toys and still have a few which they thoroughly enjoy playing with, though electronic toys and games are gradually taking over.

    First item on my shopping list is usually grapes.

  30. We don’t have any Orchard Toys games! First on my shopping list is reduced vegetables πŸ™‚ followed by milk – we seem to get through a ridiculous amount…

  31. We don’t have any as yet, but this is one of the games I want for my daughter!
    It is usually bread or milk at the top of my shopping list

  32. Yes we have the old version of this game and whenever my niece and nephew are here its always the first out of the games cupboard.

  33. I love Orchard Toys. We only own two of them but my daughter is hoping Santa brings her a few more for Christmas! Milk is always on our shopping list.

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