Saying Goodbye to Craftseller magazine

I while ago I became apart of the bloggers, I got to choose a magazine I would like to read and basically write about it and share it with you. I choose Craftseller magazine. Which is filled with a range of different crafts for all ability’s. I have really been enjoying reading this magazine, but unfortunately, they have decided to no longer be. Yes, Craftseller have just revealed their very last issue.


craftseller magazine


I am really disappointed to see this magazine go. But on a happier note, you can still buy their sister magazine Mollie Makes. If you already have a subscription to Craftseller, you will now be sent out Mollie Makes instead. So my next issue will be that mag, which I have never read before, so can’t wait to receive it and take a look. I’ll share we you once I get it.

If craft mags aren’t your thing, have a wide range of different topics covered. There’s sports, kids, beauty, gardening, something for everyone!

And if you order a subscription before November 16th you will receive a box of Thorntons chocolates

A magazine subscription is also a fantastic Christmas present idea. it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Do you currently receive a magazine subscription? If not, which mag would you get?



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