Most of us have felt the financial pinch resulting from our outgoings rising over recent years, and many households are now finding that their budgets are overstretched as a result of this. Factors such as the rising cost of food, petrol and bills have all impacted on household finances and the situation is even worse for larger households with more outgoings.

In order to minimise on the effects of rising prices, it has become more and more important for larger households to find ways of trying to cut back on expenditure. This doesn’t simply mean cutting back on luxuries such as going out but also finding a way to reduce the amount spent on things such as utility bills, which can really eat into the budget with larger families.

Tips to help you to do this

There are various ways in which you can help to reduce the amount you pay out on utilities. One thing you can do to cut back on the cost of your energy is to make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent loss or heat, as this can otherwise bump up your energy bill when trying to warm your home. You could also consider getting double glazing to prevent heat escaping or for a more cost effective solution look at solutions such as secondary glazing.

Another thing to look at is your heating system, as this can make a big difference to the amount you pay in terms of your energy bill. Traditional gas central heating can be costly as well as expensive to install. However, there is a far more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution such as the stand alone electric radiators from VeriSmart. These are not only more affordable to run but require no plumbing or installation, make them an even more affordable solution.

Many households these days have broadband and phone packages but the cost of these can vary based on a number of factors. First off, it is worth seeing whether you can make any changes to your package that may reduce the cost such as downgrading, as you may be on a packages that offers more than you really need. Another option is to try and switch to a cheaper service or provider altogether, as many such as Plus Net offer some great deals for new customers.

All of these methods should make it easier to reduce the amount that you have to pay out on your utilities each month or quarter, which is a huge help for larger households looking to cut costs.

This post has been written by Sam Whiteley. 

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